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it is called a male salamander

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What is bigger a male salamander or a female salamander?

yes the male is bigger then the female, ecxept the one yellow spoted salamander male is smaller :)

What is a offspring salamander called?

A baby salamander is called a salamander nymph. When it grows up, you drop the nymph part and it is just a salamander.

How do you tell if a salamander is a boy or girl?

It can be difficult to tell if a salamander is a boy or girl. However, there are some things that you can look for. A female is larger than a male salamander. The male is thinner than the female.

What are tiger salamander babies called?

axolotl > waterdog > salamander

Why is a salamander broiler called a salamander?

Salamander is the brand name for the infrared heating elements used in the ovens.

How do you tell if a salamander is male or female?

A male salamander and a female are not so different, but here's an easy way to find out what gender your salamander is. A male has a swelling area around where he pees and poops, while a female has no swelling area, a bigger belly and a shorter tail. You can probably just tell by the swelling area! :)

How do you tell a male from a female arboral salamander?

one has a pety

How do you tell if a salamander is a female or a male?

Determining the sex of a salamander can be difficult. You can compare the length and thickness of the tail, a male salamanders tail will be longer and thicker. You can also look at the fin on the tail, and again in a male salamander the tail fin will be larger. Another indicator of sex, will be during the mating season the salamanders will change color, a females color will only change slightly while a male salamander will become much more brightly colored.

How do you tell a female and male yellow spotted salamander?

the female is a light green and male is dark green

How did the salamander for cooking get its name?

A salamander is a legendary creature which can live in fire. The salamander used in cooking is so-called because it is, in domestic use, fireproof.

How big is a tiger salamander?

the female can get six inches male can get eight inches

What do you call a small salamander?

its called a newt

How do you tell the difference between a girl tiger salamander from a boy tiger salamander?

the male salamanders have two bumbs were there privates are, as the girls get fatter during mating season.

What is a female salamander called?

A female salamander. It's one of the animals that doesn't have a special name for a certain gender or age.

What is an eyeless and colourless salamander called?

Eurycea rathbuni

What is the process called when a salamander grows a new tail?

This process is called regeneration.

What is the difference between the salamander and aquatic salamander?

A salamander is a salamander that lives on land.A aquatic salamander is a salamander that lives in the oceans,lakes,rivers,streams etc.

What is a small semi-aquatic salamander?

It is called a Newt

What is an Eyeless and colourless salamander also called an olm?


Why is Charmander called Charmander?

it is a salamander and charcoal mixed together

What is known as the overhead boiler?

It is called a salamander, no reference to the amphibian.

What is a small salamander that starts with the word new called?


How do you breed a salamander?

Just let it lay eggs and if you don't all-ready have a male salamander .Than go get one they are really cheap .That is what happened to mine .Ask questions if u want .

How many types of salamanders are there?

Salamander SpeciesSalamanders are from the order Caudata. The order is further broken down into the following:Ambystomatidae: Mole salamanders Eastern Tiger SalamanderFlatwoods Salamander (protected)Marbled SalamanderMole SalamanderSmallmouth SalamanderSpotted SalamanderAmphiumidae: Amphiumas One-Toed AmphiumaTwo-Toed AmphiumaThree-Toed AmphiumaCryptobranchidae: Giant salamanders Eastern Hellbender Salamander (protected)Plethodontidae: Woodland or Lungless salamanders Apalachicola SalamanderBrown-backed SalamanderCave SalamanderDusky SalamanderDwarf SalamanderEastern Zigzag SalamanderFour-Toed SalamanderGreen Salamander (protected)Gulf Coast Mud SalamanderLong-Tailed SalamanderMountain Dusky SalamanderRed SalamanderRed Hills SalamanderSeal Salamander (protected)Seepage SalamanderSlimy SalamanderSouthern Dusky SalamanderSouthern Redback SalamanderSouthern Two-Lined SalamanderTennessee Cave SalamanderWebster's SalamanderProteidae: Mudpuppies and Waterdogs Alabama WaterdogBlack Warrior WaterdogMudpuppySalamandridae: Newts Eastern newtsSirenidae: Sirems Greater SirenLesser Siren

How does an olm salamander move?

An olm (also known as the cave salamander ) moves by using their little so called fins by their ear they flops and swims

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