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What is a male water buffalo called?

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A male intact water buffalo (also called a carabao) is called a bull.

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What is a male buffalo called?

A male buffalo or bison is called a bull.

Is a water buffalo male or female?

A water buffalo may be either male or female.

What is male buffalo called?

A buffalo Bull.

What is the male gender of the word buffalo?

The male buffalo is called a bull and the female is called a cow. But there's no term specifically for buffalo.

What do you call a male buffalo?

The male buffalo is called the bull just like the cow.

Is the Buffalo female called cow?

Yes, they are called a "cow buffalo" and, just like a male, it is called a "bull buffalo".

What is a male bison called?

A male bison or buffalo is called a bullBull

What is a group of water buffalo called?

A group of water buffalo is called a herd.

What is male buffalo called in Telugu language?

male buffalo: Dunnapothu దున్నపోతుFemale buffale: Gaede గేదె

What is an adult male buffalo called?

An adult male buffalo is called a bull; a female, a cow, and a baby, a calf. The nomenclature follows from their cousins, the domestic cattle.

What is a male carabao called?

A carabao is a water buffalo that lives in the Philippines. Although sometimes females are called caraballa, there is no specific name for males.

What can you compare the weight of a dinosaur to?

You can compare it to a water buffalo because a male water buffalo can weight up to 2 tons

What is the mean of male buffalo?

male buffalo

What is the name of a male gazelle?

As is common in many of this species, the male gazelle is called a buck. The gazelle share lineage with antelope, goats, cattle, sheep and water buffalo.

What is a baby male buffalo called?

calf or bull calf

What is the opposite gender of buffalo?

Buffalo has no gender.The male is called the bull and the female is cow. Hope I will help!

Is buffalo male or female?

Buffalo is the species name. Female Buffalo are cows, male Buffalo are bulls.

Is bison the male gender of buffalo?

No. Bison is simply a species of wild bovine (cousins to the domestic cow) that was once called the buffalo, but the name was changed because it has been proven to be an entirely different species from the true buffalo being the Cape buffalo and Asian Water Buffalo. Bison are those tall, hairy beasts only found in North America, and are the largest land mammal in North America. The true male gender of a buffalo is called a bull, not a bison.

Is a water buffalo different from a buffalo?

A water buffalo is one of the two types of buffalo, the other being the African Buffalo (Cape Buffalo). The American Bison, despite being called "Buffalo", are not actually buffalo at all.

Is buffalo a male and cow a female?

Not exactly. Yes a cow is female, no matter the species, be it buffalo, bison, domestic bovine, elephant or whale, but a buffalo is not just male. A buffalo is a species of cloven-hooved ruminant animal that has both males and females. Adult male buffaloes are called bulls, and adult female buffaloes are called cows.

Is the buffalo an indigenous animal to South Africa?

The Cape Water Buffalo is, this is not the same as the Aisan Water Buffalo or American Bison (aslo sometimes called a Buffalo)

What is the Tamil name male buffalo?

எருமைக்காளை (erumaikkaaLai) male buffalo

What is a Female water buffalo called?


How heavy is a male water buffalo?

Bulls can get up to a ton (~2200 lbs).

How much do male buffalo weigh?

On average a male buffalo weighs 1600 pounds.