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What is a manta ray?


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Manta rays are the largest rays. They have the biggest body-brain ratio of the sharks, rays, and skates. They live in the tropical waters, usually around coral reefs and feed on plankton.


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The manta ray (Manta birostris).

Yes, the manta ray has scales.

what is a male manta ray called

Manta Ray have spiny tail.

No a Manta is a shark.

The manta ray is a shy creature, but is respectful and harmless.

yes, the manta ray is the biggest of its kind.

A Manta Ray keeps its young underneath them at a times

Manta (as in Manta Ray), Santa.

No the Manta Ray does not have a spine. The Manta Ray's skeleton is made up of cartilage just like sharks.

Lifespan is 20 years on average for a Devil Ray also known as the Manta Ray Manta ray is their actual name. so it'd make more sense if you said: Lifespan is 20 years on average for a Manta Ray also known as the Manta Ray. just so you know.

20 years, if you have a manta ray in your fish tank: I suggest you release it.

Yes, manta rays are fishes.

Manta ray eat invertebrates. They also eat soft fish as worms.

because manta ray feeds on some of the smallest creatures in the oceans

Manta Rays are classified as Elasmobranchii, which is used to class other rays and sharks. The manta ray is a part of the eagle ray family of Myliobatidae.

A manta ray's size is about 12.5 inches long.

The IUCN lists the Manta Ray as Near Threatened.

No, Manta Rays use sexual reproduction.

There are a few natural predators of the Manta Ray. Predators mostly consist of killer whales and sharks, though the biggest predator of the manta ray is humans.

Manta rays eat plankton.

The normal manta ray is usually non-aggressive, but it is capable of defending itself with its dangerous tail. A manta ray may also ram its foe, although this clumsy attack is treated as a secondary attack.

A shark eats a manta ray in the ocean.

The ocean. Manta rays can be found in tropical and subtropical seas.

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