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What is a marlin 3030 rifle 20 years old worth?


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2005-12-11 22:16:27
2005-12-11 22:16:27

Need more info to say for sure. Various models in special variations can affect values. Also condition will affect value. A poor condition 336 will bring less than $100, but a pristine condition 336 will bring $250-$300.


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Not enough information given to answer this question.

For a rifle showing between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,the value would be between 120-150 dollars.

This would be best left to a qualified gunsmith to do.

The letter F prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1949.

I just bought one that is @ 32 years old today and paid $225.00.

A marlin lever action 30-30 rifle can hold fife shells in the magazine and one in the chamber.

All depends on condition, model, accessories,...etc.

I would check the lower tang,under the lever.

You will need a professional appraisal

With the serial number that you provided,your Marlin model 1893 rifle was made in the year 1899.

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 30A was made in the year 1979.

I happen to have the same rifle. I have been looking for worth and owners manuals for the gun and the only info i can find on the gun is it was made in 1983.

The Marlin 3030 model is a classic hunting rifle made in 1902. The value of this gun today can reach several thousand dollars.

The R prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 336 rifle was produced between 1957-1958.

The rifle is a marlin 336. Serial number is located on the lower tang under the lever.

need a price on a model 36g 3030 rifle #23174

there is a marlin collectors site or

About $295.00 for a rifle in good condition. It will go up and down in price depending on the condition of the rifle.

depending on the condition of your rifle,they are going for between 300-500 dollars.

By including the serial number in your question,we will be able to answer when your Marlin model 336 was produced.

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