What is a masseuse?

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A person that gives body massages.

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Q: What is a masseuse?
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How do you spell masseuse?

That is the correct spelling of "masseuse" (feminine form of masseur, a massager).

What is the opposite gender of masseuse?

the opposite of masseuse is masseur

What is the word for two masseuse?

Masseuses is the plural of masseuse.

What is the male form of masseuse?

The male form of masseuse is masseur.

What is the male form of a masseuse?

The male form for masseuse is masseur.

Who wrote the book the Masseuse?

The Masseuse (The Body Work Trilogy) is by Sierra Kincade.

Become a Reputable Masseuse?

People have a true love and appreciation for a masseuse. A masseuse has the ability to relieve any person of stress from life. If a masseuse wants to get high-profile clients, however, he or she will need to attend one of the many massage therapy schools out there. A massage therapy school will open doors for any masseuse.

What is the male masseuse?

Masseuse commonly referes to a female practitioner / therapist. Masseur is the male equivalent.

What is feminine of masseur?


What is the feminine of masseur?


What was phoebe's occupation?

She was a masseuse.

What is gender of masseuse?


Opposite gender of a masseur?


What is a male masseuse called?

A masseur.

What is Opposite gender of masseur?


What is the female counterpart of masseur?

A masseuse ...

What is the feminine noun for masseur?


What do you call a woman that do massage?


What do you call people who do masssage?


What is a female masseur called?


What are multiple masseuse called?


What is the gender opposite of masseuse?


Why would you hide the truth of being a exotic masseuse from your partner?

There is a big difference between a masseuse and an 'exotic masseuse.' In some cases exotic masseuse includes sex (but not in all cases.) Perhaps there was a little more going on that massaging to relax the client. This is something you are going to have to discuss in more detail with your partner.

What are some tips for selecting a masseuse?

I would like to find a masseuse who I feel comfortable around. What are some tips in selecting a messeuse?

Male form of masseuse?

the best answer is masseur