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Q: What is a material that reduces the transfer of heat?
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What does an insulator do to the rate of heat transfer?

It reduces the rate of transfer.

What is a material that reduces or prevents the transfer of energy?


How does a vacuum bottle keep food hot or cold?

The main idea is to reduce the heat transfer out of the vacuum bottle, or into it. A vacuum greatly reduces the transfer of heat by conduction and convection, while the mirror reduces heat transfer by radiation.

What do you calla substance that reduces heat energy transfer?

An insulator

Can you explain the transfer of heat within a material?

The transfer of heat within a material, I don't know about. But I can help you with the transfer of heat from one material to another. Heat always moves from the warmer material to the colder one. It does this until it reaches equilibrium. this means when both objects have the same amount of heat energy.

Trapped air is a good what because it reduces heat transfer?


What do we call a material that reduces the flow of heat?

That would be - an insulator.

What is the transfer of heat within a material?

This is conduction.

What will happen when a cold material interacts with a hot material?

The heat will transfer from the hot material to the cold material. Heat tends to go where it is not.

What do conduction and convection have in common?

They're both modes of heat transfer via material media.

How does heat transfer to one material to another?

it transfers from heat flow

How does a thermos reduce heat transfer using convection?

A thermos reduces does not reduce heat transfer using convection, it reduces heat transfer BY convection. This is because there is a vacuum between the container of the liquid and the outer shell off the thermos. This means that no fluid will go round the inside conducting heat one way or the other. Hope this helped