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What is a metaphor for being mean?


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  1. He is as mean as a copperhead snake
  2. He is as mean as an angry bear
  3. He is as mean as a bottle of brandy
  4. He is as mean a black woman
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It is a metaphor for a person being optimistic when they are surrounded by sadness and/or pessimism.

I was as tired as a rock

A metaphor is a figure of speech. For example, " Your making a mountain out of a mole hill."

An elaborate metaphor is also called a sustained metaphor. It is when a metaphor is referred to multiple times throughout a piece by the author.

The most popular metaphor for a bee is the one about being busy. Busy as a bee is a metaphor used world wide.

The dream is a metaphor. It probably represents being pestered by a "flock' of problems. The dream could be a play on words, being "picked on" / "pecked on."

Dreams communicate through metaphors and symbols. Being in a coma would be a metaphor for being unable or unwilling to communicate or respond.

This is a metaphor, not an idiom. They are comparing that person to an angel, which is a supremely good being in religious lore.

This is a metaphor for a situation with an impossible or difficult solution.

a metaphor and similie is when you are comparing two things but a similie uses like or as. a metaphor doesn't use like or as.

In dreams, being suffocated is a metaphor representing the dreamer's feeling of being repressed, suppressed or silenced. It means to stop thinking about it

Since "medifore" is not a word, I think you mean "metaphor". A metaphor is a figure of speech, such a the husband being "in the doghouse". He is not literally in the dog house, but his wife is so angry at him, so he may as well be, since she is ignoring him.

It has a metaphor, but not a simile. The whole theme of the song is a metaphor. Being stuck at a payphone, trying to reach her, but not having any money because he spent it on her is a metaphor for being stuck in the past, not able to reach her, and him being emotionally spent. A simile is a "like" or "as" comparison, and Payphone doesn't have a simile in the lyrics.

metaphor is a comparing word like: my friend Heaven is as tall as the ----------

Loose dirt might be a metaphor for being unsettled, lacking roots, or a life without a foundation.

A metaphor is a phrase that is symbolic of something else, in that way, a metaphor for prison would be something that describes being confined, such as a cage or an airtight container.

As sensitive as a delicate flower...

A metaphor means to compare two different objects directly. E.g. She is a star.

A Metaphor is a figure of speech that uses an image, story to represent an idea.I didn't mean it literally, it was just a metaphor.Saying that the boy's stomach is a bottomless pit is a metaphor.

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which two dissimilar things are used to make a comparison, but an extended metaphor is a comparison that is continuously being made throughout a written work (more commonly in poetry).

No. A metaphor is when one object is stated as being another thing. A metaphor for the koala would be "the koalas was a ball of woolly fur".

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