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Doing your homework, huh?

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Chapter 2 has... These for Metaphors Your brother is a doll page 23 Johnny was the gang's pet page 24 Cherry Valence was a real looker page 15 Dancing gray eyes were storming page 31

what page is the word hue in the book outsiders

Page 11 " He was a dark puppy kicked one to many times lost in a crowd.

The pg. # of a metaphor is 56 the second paragraph.

There are no such thing as "The Curtsies" in the book "The Outsiders" Greasers v Socs

There is no page in "The Outsiders" that tells the setting. You have to infer. I happen to know that the book was placed in the 1960's in Luisiana, though.

go find what what page its on lazy person

the metaphor isn't compatible with the book. so for that i will not answer

On the first page, the reader of The Outsiders is introduced to the jet set. The term is used to differentiate the Socials from the Greasers in the book.

I read the outsiders last year, and even though i thought it was a good book, theme is not something you read on a page, its something you infer

page 8 but I don't know if it's in page 8 for your is for mine...

Chapter 1, page 5 is where you can find the word Madras.

for my book it was in page 8, I'm not sure about yours tough. And it was "quivering" not "quiver". I don't think there is a "quiver" in the book.

I'm not too sure how long it took her to write it, but she said it was difficult writing it. She started writing this book when she was 15 (it was in the first page of the book where it said "Dear reader,")

some figurative language in this book is on page 7 , 76. :)

you find out about the rumble on page 83 of the outsiders book with the blue cover. Dally. Pony and Johnny are at Dairy Queen when Dally tells them about the rumble.

Pg# 33 when Johnny explains how he got jumped.

An example of a metaphor in the book is "the sky paled; dawn bloomed." It is on page 43 for hard covered books.

At the top right or left corner in the very beginning of the page

The last page of The Outsiders WAS written by S.E.Hinton, and it was pg. 180.

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