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a military arrest is when you are arrested on a military installation by military police or military orginizations that have the power to arrest. if your arrested off base by local police they will hold you there awaiting your pick up by military officials if it was related to a military crime or a crime commited on base.

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2009-12-16 14:11:19
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Q: What is a military arrest?
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Military Arrest what is it?

Military Arrest is when the Military takes a civilian into custody.

What is the definition of the word military arrest?

An arrest by the Military!

Defintion of military arrest?

To be under arrest by military police.

What is a sentence that you can put the word military arrest in it?

He was put under military arrest.

What part of speech is military arrest?

The phrase "military arrest" is a noun. The plural would be "military arrests".

How do you use military arrest in a sentence?

well you could say: he was put under military arrest

What is the defintion of military arrest?

A civilian is taken into military custody

Can a US Marshal arrest someone in the military?

A federal marshal does have a wide jurisdiction and can arrest a military official just like anyone else, but normally military police and a military court will deal with a soldier in an arrest case (if it happened on military property or while they are in service (DEPLOYED). Just because you are a soldier doesn't make you any less vulnerable to arrest. A village police officer can arrest a military official if a violation occurs in their jurisdiction. No soldier immunity in the U.S.Cheers!

Is military arrest a noun?

Yes, the term 'military arrest' is a noun, a compound noun, a word for a detainment or incarceration by a member of the armed forces; a word for a thing.

What is the definition of military arrest?

"Military arrest" is often used to mean that a civilian is taken into military custody.However, the civilian term "arrest" is termed "apprehension" by the military, being the physical act of detaining a violator of law.The term "arrest" means the notification of an individual that charges will be sought in connection with an offense. In most cases, this entails restriction to quarters while the legal process proceeds.The actual definition is Arrest : "moral restraint imposed on a person by oral or written orders of the competent authority, limiting the person's personal liberty pending disposition of the charges."

Are there any synonyms for military arrest?

trying to find that out right now!

Can US Military arrest a civilian?

If a civilian is on a military installation the governing authority would be the Military Police and yes you can be arrested by the Military Police until transport by the Civilian Law can pick you up and await charges or court by the civilian authority. Now off a military installation a Military Policeman can not arrest a civilian unless martial law has been imposed by congress.

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