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A mischling was a person of mixed Jewish ancestory who lived in Nazi Germany. Under the Nuremberg laws, a Jew was someone who had three or more Jewish grandparents, or who had two Jewish grandparents and either practiced Judaism or was married to a Jew. Mischlings rose to very prominent positions in Nazi Germany, even the Ideal German Campaign's posterchild was a first degree mischling. There were two degrees of being a Mischlinge. A first degree misclinge had two Jewish grandparents. A second degree Mischlinge had only one Jewish granparent. So the least you need to know is that a mischling was one who was open about their Jewish ancestory (1/2 to 1/4), but was not considered a Jew under the Nuremberg laws. Comment The above answer claims that 'Mischlings rose to very prominent positions in Nazi Germany'. In fact, any 'Mischling' [with two Jewish grandparents] who wanted to stay a decent job in Nazi Germany had to apply for 'Aryanization' and in most cases the relevant certificate had to be signed by Hitler in person and such certificates were very hard to get. For those who didn't have these rare certificates, life in the Third Reich was precarious.
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What does the word mischling mean?

Literally, the German word Mischling means crossbreed and is generally used in connection with breeding animals. The Nazis used the term for people who were half or quater Jewish - that is, who had one or two Jewish grandparents.