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Winchester has never made a model 39.Could be reffering to a Marlin model 39 lever action rifle in .22LR?

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I checked the entire list of Winchester model numbers going back to 1866, and there is no mention of a Winchester Model 39. The only two Winchester models with two-digit numbers beginning with "3" were both shotguns, not .22 caliber.

Your winchester model 1894 was made by winchester in 1972.that makes your winchester 39 years old.

Well, a model 39 .22 implies to me that it may be a Cooey or Winchester/Cooey. The only thing is Cooey never put serial numbers on their rifles. Winchester did after they bought Cooey around WW II. So therefore I would say post 1964 for your rifle.

Best left to a factory trained gunsmith

No...the Marlin .22 lever action is the Model 39. An amazing history behind the model 39 and they are still made new (39a) and a great gun. 336 is a round bolt where as the 39 is a square bolt, and is also in its current 39a form a takedown model as well.

Only if that is what is marked on the barrel. 22 LR and 22 WMR are not interchangeable.

you can find them at gun shows or gun shops used.

The Model 39-2 was never made in stainless under that name. You most likely have a a nickel 39 or a 639.

You have either a Savage model 99C,or a model 99DL.Both of these models are valued at between 300-475 dollars for a rifle having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.

The Marlin Model Golden 39A is the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm (rifle) in the world.

I don't think there is a set value. It should depend on the condition of the firearm.

The condition of the rifle has a major impact on the value of the piece. If the Model 39 is in very good condition, it could be worth as much as 2,500 dollars. A rifle medium to good condition can be worth 1,000 dollars.

The E prefix dates your marlin model 39 to the year 1948.

22 as a percentage of 39 is: 22/39 times 100 = 56.410256% repeating decimal 0.410256

Usually from about $300-$700 depending on the condition.

You need to be more specific and identify a manufacturer and model, i.e. Winchester Model 94, Marlin Model 39, etc. For the most part, you don't want to dissassemble beyond what the owner's manual recommends for cleaning.

39 - 22 = 1717 ÷ 39 = 0.43590.4359 * 100(%) = 43.59%

To get the answer to this problem you just multiply 22 by .39. This comes out to 8.58

Made 1938-1958. A very, very nice little .22

If your 22 rifle is a bolt action single shot, it is likely a Mossberg Model 25. That rifle was made from 1935-1936, and continued as the 25A to 1938. Yes it is a single shot bolt 22.. THANKS

Depending on EXACTLY what variant you have and its condition, 100-1000 or more dollars.

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