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What is a modified food storage stem?


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the correct answer is tuber...

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tuber. One example is a potato.

A portion of a root swells for food or water storage, e.g. sweet potato. A type of storage root distinct from taproot.

Tuber is the modified organ of the plant potato.

Onion is a modified stem because it is a stem which grows underground

roots modified for food storage

A onion is a modified stem

Stem cells that will form T cells are modified in the Thymus.

This type of modification of stem for storage of food is called bulb. The stem is extremely condensed in the form of a disc and is surrounded by fleshy scales. Since the scales (modified leaves) do not resort to photosynthesis, the bulb remains underground to overcome adverse atmospheric conditions of summers.

storage , because almost in stem, fruit, flower, leaves, and seedsare storage . they are food and water storage ..

The edible parts in a plant may be its fruits, seeds, roots or even leaves. In cereals we eat .grain, in the tuberous plants like potato, we eat the tuber (modified underground stem). That part of the plant which has storage of food is generally located to eat.

A root bulb. An onion is actually a modified stem.

The modified stems which are found in underground is called as stem tubers

Onion is an underground modified stem.

A tuber is a fleshy underground stem, it is the 'container' of reproduction and food storage. It bears buds from which a new plant will germinate. Such as potatoes for example

No, not really, it is the root. :)

Carrots are considered as tuberous roots, i.e., roots modified for storage of food material.

1) Perennation- to tied over unfavourable period. 2) Storage of food- food stored is edible. 3) Vegetative reproduction- new plants are being produced from underground stem.

No; it is the bulb (a modified stem) where carbohydrates and other food materials are stored in onion plant.

Modified roots are roots which change their structures to carry out vital functions such as photosynthesis, gather oxygen, store food or water, or support the stem.BIBLIOGRAPHY FROM URL: I helped!

Because it has no true leaves, the only part of a typical cactus that can produce food via photosynthesis is the stem. Through evolution, the leaves have become modified and not form the spines of the cactus, loosing their ability to photosynthesise

Roots and stem get modified for storage or performing any specific function such as climbing or overcoming hostile environmental conditions. The basic difference between a root and stem is that in case of root, the primary vascular bundles are radial whereas in stems these are conjoint and collateral.

If someone wants to arrange stem cell storage in Edmonton then they need to contact the private surgeries that are based there. Those doctors will organize storage for people as part of their stem cell package.

Yes, it is both. The green fleshy parts are modified stems which store water. The spines are modified leaves.

Yes they do , The tendrils are slender , coiling , with modified stem structures

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