What is a monitor mode?

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A monitor mode is usually accessed by pressing one of the buttons on your monitor, and gives you access to advanced settings like: Color management, Brightness settings, and Contrast settings. It also allows you to move and scale the actual picture.
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Why is a computer monitor called a 'monitor'?

Answer . In computing, monitor is just another term for display screen. The term monitor, however, usually refers to the entire box, whereas display screen can mean just the screen. In addition, the term monitor often implies graphics capabilities. It's actually called a monitor because that's ex ( Full Answer )

Why would a monitor remain in power save mode after installing a Radeon 9250 graphics card?

Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode First I would check your bios there should be a option to enter setup when you power up you PC. If you have an on board video that was being used prior to installing the new card, it may still be selected in your bios, you will have to connect your monitor to the on ( Full Answer )

What is a monitor?

A monitor a student appointed to assist a teacher. A monitor is a type of large lizard. A monitor is a video screen used for display television pictures orcomputer information. A monitor is a heavily armored warship.

What is mode?

what appears most often in math . Mode is the most number of times a number appears. Example: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, The number "3" appears in that list more than any other number so it is the mode. Therefore, 3 is the mode.

Does Depeche Mode employ some sort of metronome or click track in their in-ear monitoring systems?

Answer . Each memeber of the band singing live hears the others singing their own instrument. In the past, singing live was really hard because you couldn't hear the others singing, so it whas a matter of instinct to play syncronous.\nI know it seems stupid not to hear the others singing, especia ( Full Answer )

What is monitoring?

Monitoring is the process of checking the computers, systems, and services that comprise a network. This examination allows a network administrator to maintain a robust network and even to improve upon the network. Orion Network Performance Monitoring makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and ( Full Answer )

You just bought a used Trinitron computer monitor When you hooked it up it says monitor is in power save mode How do you turn that off so you can use it?

Answer . It should turn off automatically if you plug it into your computer and turn the computer on. If it doesn't, something is wrong. First thing to check is the plug that plugs into the computer for bent pins. Also check the other end of the cable that plugs into the back of the monitor. If t ( Full Answer )

Why would monitor stay in power safe mode?

Answer . There are many reasons. Here are a few in no specific order: 1) the computer is off 2) the computer is in standby 3) the computer is in screen saver mode 4) the computer is in hibernate mode 5) the video card the monitor is hooked up to is not the primary video controller (chec ( Full Answer )

What is the mode?

The mode is the most frequent number in a set of data. Frequent means the number happens most often. Eg. Data set = 2,4,7,5,9,6,3,6. the mode is 6 as it happens twice.

What is the meaning of monitor and what are the duties of a monitor?

It is a device connected to a computer that displays information on a screen. A monitor can also be a person who watches. For example, a monitor could be present while a test is being taken to ensure that all test-takers follow the rules for that test.

How can you change the view mode of your monitor?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'view mode', but. To change the contrast or brightness, there are probably buttons somewhere on the monitor - see the documentation that came with it.. To change the size of various things on your screen, go to control panel, then choose 'display'. From the settings t ( Full Answer )

What is the monitor for?

To let you know what you are doing with the computer and it makes it easyer for you to control it.

How do you change the video mode of your monitor?

It sounds like the computer is set up to use a higher resolution than your monitor can produce. What you need to do is go into the boot menu by pressing and holding the F8 key just after the text of the boot process begins appearing on your screen until a list of options comes up on the screen. One ( Full Answer )

What is monitoring and what is the difference of monitoring and evaluation?

Monitoring -Ongoing analysis of project progress towardsachieving planned results with the purpose of improving managementdecision making Evalution - Assessment of the efficiency, impact,relevance and sustainability of the project's actions. http://www.gage-technique.com

What does monitor do?

A computer monitor? Its kinda the thing that you look at and it desplayes the picture.

Monitor cant start up when switch on CPU it goes to stanby mode. I've tried taking out the graphic card and using on board graphics but still the same.?

Modern computer monitors are designed to stay off (even when turned on) until they actually receive a video signal from the computer. Most likely this isn't a problem with your monitor, but a problem with your computer. Check the cables & make sure the signal cable isn't loose or disconnected. If ( Full Answer )

To change the video mode of your monitor?

Latest Answers (1) . Sort by Latest | Oldest | Top-rated . It sounds like the computer is set up to use a higher resolution than your monitor can produce. What you need to do is go into the boot menu by pressing and holding the F8 key just after the text of the boot process begins appearing ( Full Answer )

What does a monitor?

Monitors were heavily armored and heavily gunned naval vessels, normally assigned to rivers (inland waters). They were most often distinguished by their revolving armored gun turret. The first US Monitors were used in the US Civil War; the last US Monitors were used in the Vietnam War.

What was the monitor?

Monitors were river battleships of the US Navy's "River Assault Flotilla One" during the Vietnam War. Each had one turret forward mounting a 40mm cannon; however, 8 Program five Monitors had 105mm cannons mounted on them.

How do you do mode?

A mode is a most frequent number in a data set. A data set may have multiple modes. If each different number of a set occurs only once, then that set has no mode.

What do you mean by mode and what is the formula of mode?

\n. \nThe mode is the data value that occurs the most number of times. If there are two data values that occur the most, then you will have 2 modes and it is called bimodal. Three or more is called multimodal.\n. \nFor example, if you have a set of numbers - 1, 4, 3, 2, 6, 4, 8, 4, 7, 3, 5. The mo ( Full Answer )

How could you get a computer to boot if it will not boot in any mode and Recovery CD will not boot and nothing shows on your monitor to get into bios to change the boot order?

(Reseat memory and/or try individually. Memory will prevent anyfunction 90% or more of the time!) Your computer is broken theresno fixing it you will have to get an new one thanks for asking.There may be an short in the power surge line or theres anmisfuction in the tower or moniter which is the com ( Full Answer )

What if there is no mode?

There is no mode, so you would put "no mode" in your answer. Don't put "0" because 0 is a number, so if there isn't a common number put "no" or "no mode" Hope this helps :) x

What is monitor mode in Halo 3?

\nmonitor mode is only available in forge mode and when you are in it you can spawn alot of stuff such as cars, scenary, weapons, teleporters, and spawn points.

Why is your monitor in sleep mode?

someone must have put u there cause it doesn't go that way by itself so just ask. it is the same way as turning it of only it comes up as you touch it so put your computer in sleep mode if you can.

What can be monitored?

You can monitor your network performance ,your internet speed and even your netflow traffic.. Netflow Traffic Analyzer enables you to quantify exactly how your network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose. Network Monitoring helps you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance ( Full Answer )

How do you get the mode if there are three modes?

You will need to find the middle number (mode) or all them could be. * * * * * If there are three modes then so be it. One of the problems with the mode, as a statistical measure is that there may not be any or there may be many. A mode had little to do with the middle number - other than the ex ( Full Answer )

Who was Monitor for in the Monitor and Merrimack's battle?

First, they were not submarines- they were ships that had ironplating (instead of just wood). They were very low to the water,but not subs. Secondly, the ships were the United States Monitor,and the Confederate States Virginia, which had been rebuilt on thehull of a ship originally called the Merrim ( Full Answer )

I must start my laptop in safe mode for the monitor not to black out.if not started in safe mode it may stay on for a couple of minutes or second literally and may even reach the desktop.how to fix?

Keep it on charge and press the power button. Keep pressing and releasing F8 frantically then stop and press the arrows until it's on "Safe mode with networking " then press enter BEFORE 30 seconds. To stop it blacking out, angle the screen. After a while of angling the monitor doesn't black out. ( Full Answer )

Why should you enter safe mode when troubleshooting problems with a monitor in Windows XP?

There would be no reason to do this. I have fixed graphical settings and problems without ever going into safe mode. If the problem is with the monitor itself, then safe mode would have no effect. And if it with your display settings, you need only adjust these settings without the need for safe mod ( Full Answer )

Why does your monitor go directly into sleep mode?

If your monitor goes right into sleep mode, then it means most likely that you have a virus. Your best thing to do is to let a technician check it out. Hope this helps.

When can there be no mode?

A mode is the number that appears most frequently in data. For instance, in the set 2,3,3,5,7,7,7,7,8,9,9 the mode is 7. Something is bimodal if two numbers have the equally high frequency. Data is trimodal if there are three equally frequent numbers, and so on. If all numbers occur at equal frequen ( Full Answer )

What is a monitor and the answer?

Monitor is an output device of computer that show the result of our work display the soft copy of our work.

What if the mode don't have a mode?

If there is no mode, write No Mode as your answer. Do NOT put 0 as your answer, because it will be marked wrong.

What is minimum mode and maximum mode?

Minimum mode in the 8086/8088 is where the MN/MX- pin is high. In minimum mode, the processor provides the functionality of the 8288 bus controller, at the cost of losing some pins. The pins ALE, DT/R-, DEN-, INTA-, M/IO-, RD-, and WR- come off the processor in minimum mode, minimizing the amount ( Full Answer )

What when there in no mode?

Nothing. There are plenty of distributions that have no node (or several). Nothing. There are plenty of distributions that have no node (or several). Nothing. There are plenty of distributions that have no node (or several). Nothing. There are plenty of distributions that have no node (or several ( Full Answer )

What is a safe mode and how do you get into safe mode?

Safe Mode is a configuration on Windows that loads only basic, core drivers. Assuming that Windows is not beyond repair and that all hardware is functioning properly, Safe Mode is guaranteed to boot. For example, if a newly installed driver prevents the user from booting up in normal mode, Safe Mode ( Full Answer )