What is a mountain bike?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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A mountain bike is basically a bike meant to be strong enough to be ridden off road. It's overall stronger and has wider tires than other bikes.

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Q: What is a mountain bike?
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When did Mountain Bike Rally happen?

Mountain Bike Rally happened in 1994.

Why not ride a mountain bike on the road?

A road bike is faster on the road than a mountain bike. That's all

What is the focus of Mountain Bike magazine?

Mountain bike magazines focus on mountain bike tracks, tips and information regarding bikes in general as well as helpful tips about bike parts and repair.

When was Mountain Bike Rally created?

Mountain Bike Rally was created in 1994-11.

Are mountain bike shoes Required to ride a mountain bike?

Mountain bike shoes are not required to be able to ride a mountain bike. You can wear any good athletic shoe. Wearing an actual mountain bike shoe is helpful however to keep your feet from slipping from the peddles on rugged terrian but it not required in any way.

What are some famous mountain bike magazines?

One of the most popular mountain bike magazine is "Mountain Bike." Other favorites that discuss all types of biking are "Dirt Rag Magazine," and "Bike Magazine."

Where can you get a mountain bike on gta san adreas?

You can find a mountain bike on the top of mount Chiliad.

When was Mountain Bike Hall of Fame created?

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame was created in 1988.

When was the first mountain bike built?

The first mountain bike is build in 1966 in the United Kingdom.

What is a mountain bike frame used for?

A mountain bike frame is used in the construction of a working mountain bike. The frame is usually the metal tubes or bars that other parts connect into.

What is triathlon bike?

a triathlon bike is like a road bike, thinner then mountain bike tires..

Is a laptop more expensive than a mountain bike?

Depends what laptop and what mountain bike and the deals you're getting for them.