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A joey

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Q: What is a name for a small kangaroo?
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What is another name for a pouched mammal?

A kangaroo or small rhino.

What is a kangaroo's real name?


What is the Zoological Name of Kangaroo?

Macropus is the zoological name for the kangaroo.

What is the length of a kangaroo's small intestine?

The length of a kangaroo's small intestine is moderate in length compared to other mammals the length varies depends on the size of the kangaroo.

What kind of Kangaroo is Joey the Kangaroo?

Joey is the name of a baby kangaroo.

What is the Hawaiian name for kangaroo?

Kangaroo = Kanakalū

What is the kangaroo's alternative name?

There is no alternative name for a kangaroo. A kangaroo is a kangaroo, and in Australia, its name is often shortened to just 'roo. There are many smaller species of kangaroo, such as quokkas, wallabies, wallaroos/ euros, potoroos and pademelons.

What is a kangaroo's common name?

The kangaroo's common name is kangaroo. Its shortened form in Australia is often just 'roo. There are over 60 species of kangaroo, but the scientific name for the largest, the Red kangaroo, is Macropus Rufus.

What is a small kangaroo like a marsupial?

There are many smaller relatives of the kangaroo. The quokka, pademelon, potoroo and the bettong are all small kangaroo-like marsupials. The smallest of all the kangaroo family is the musky rat-kangaroo, which is an average of 23 cm in length.

What is bred of small kangaroo?


What is the English name of kangaroo?

Kangaroo is the English name for what the Aborigines called the ganguru.

What is the common name for a kangaroo rat?

"Kangaroo Mouse"

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