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A star used to navigate a ship. You locate the star, locate that star on a navagation chart, and bada-bing, you know where you're at! The North Star is the most common "nautical star". YOU NEED TWO STARS TO GET A CELLESTIAL BEARING, NOT JUST ONE.

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Q: What is a nautical star?
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How many nautical miles equal a nautical star for sailors tattoos?

1000 miles per nautical star.

What does a nautical star symbolize in Christianity?

The nautical star does not symbolize anything in Christianity.

What tattoo symbolizes guidance?

nautical star or dragon! nautical star or dragon!

What does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean?

What does the nautical star tattoo mean

What does a purple and black nautical star mean?

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

What color of nautical star for butch lesbians?

Usually a blue nautical star was used for butch lesbians.

Where can a person find an image of a nautical star for a tattoo idea?

The nautical star tattoo ranks among the oldest and most symbolic of tattoo designs. Images of the nautical star can be found in a large number of places such as the Lyricwriter and TattooMeNow.

What does a nautical star on your wrist mean?

The Nautical Star on the left wrist aligned with the thumb is believed to be a positive guide for the future. The left palm is used in palm readings to reveal a persons future and the nautical star is used in this instance to guide the palm.

Is the nautical star a symbol of homosexuality?

The Nautical Star dates to Babylonian times, and has never been a symbol of homosexuality. Further Information: The Nautical Star is an obsolete term for the 32-point compass rose. While most people are familiar with a 4-point or 8-point compass rose that show the primary (or secondary in the case of 8), the "nautical star" had 32 points that give it the shape of a star.

How to draw a nautical star?

check out this site... it shows you how to draw a nautical star. hope this helps someone. go die in a hole

Which group of people commonly uses nautical star tattoos as an informal signifier?

The group of people that commonly use nautical star tattoos as an informal signifier are the United States Armed Forces. Nautical star tattoos are made to look like a five-pointed star in a dark and light color.

What does the emo star mean?

The emo star is actual a nautical star. The nautical star is usually seen as a tattoo representing membership in the US Navy or Marine Corp. The symbol represents the five pointed star of the US flag and the red/black color pattern represents the compass rose found on old nautical maps. I do not understand why emo's get the tattoo or what it means to them.

Black and aqua nautical star symbolize?

Sailors have used nautical stars for symbols of guidance and protection for many years. A nautical star that is black and aqua in color is a symbol for the loyalty and love that sailors have for the sea.

Where to get a nautical star tattoo?

Any tattoo parlor should be able to tattoo a nautical star. Use your phonebook or the internet to find one near you.

How long does it take to get a nautical star tattoos?

It takes around one to two hours to get a nautical star tattoo. The exact length of time depends on how big the tattoo is.

What is the meaning of a green nautical star?

If you are going to spend a significant amount of time on the water, it is important that you understand what certain things mean. A green nautical star means starboard or right.

What religion created the nautical star?


Nautical tattoo meanings?

Each star is 2000 nautical miles traveled at sea......former USN and USCG

What is the meaning of a black and pink star?

A pink star alternated with a nautical black star stands for "Punk Rock Pink Ribbon", which symbolizes someone's battle with breast cancer. A pink star is an alternative to the pink ribbon. The nautical black star adds a 'punk rock' or 'alternative' spin to the pink star.

What does a nautical star stand for if tattooed on hip bone?

A nautical star tattoo on the hip bone could be associated with a sea service. It is often associated with sailors, or as a symbol to look into the future.

Does the nautical star represent evil?

No it represents a direction.

What does it mean if you have the nautical star tattoo on the back of your arm?

mostly that you like nautical stars and that you wanted a tattoo on the back of your arm.

What does green and black nautical stars mean?

Green and black Nautical star tattoos to my knowledge are a symbol for Irish strength and diversity

What is the meaning of 2 nautical star tattoos on your chest?

The meaning of 2 nautical star tattoos on your chest can mean a number of things. There are no standard meanings for tattoos, it is up to the person getting tattooed. Often nautical stars are used as symbols of moving forward, or of being able to follow your path.

What does a black and purple nautical star symbolize?

Nothing at all. It is simply just a different style of nautical stars. All it is the coloring is different.