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What is a neon light?

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a light under a car

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What is Knee light?

Neon Light Neon Light

What is knee light light?

neon lights (knee-on-lights)

What color is neon light?

Neon light is an orangey-red.

What are the woozworld neon color codes?

Neon Pink: dd00ffNeon Light Blue:08EBF4Neon Yellow:EEE400Neon Light Green:B1F522Neon Red:FC0B00Enjoy !! :)

Who invented the neon light bulb?

Neon Striker invented the neon light bulb in 1837.

In science what is neon light?

Neon is an element.

When was neon light invented?

It was George Claude who invented the neon light in 1910.

Is neon light metal?

Neon is a light non-metal, a noble gas.

Is there neon in light bulbs?

Yes. A neon lamp contains neon.

What else can the element neon is used in everyday life?

Neon can be used to light neon signs and to light glow lamps. :)

Does neon gas cause light pollution?

Light is what causes light pollution. Neon by itself won't do a thing unless used in a lit neon sign.

What is the answer for hidden meanings brain teaser with knee over light?

Neon Light. (The knee is on the light, so: Knee on light. Neon light)

How is the neon light important?

The light of neon lamps is clear, intense, red color.

What element is used in light bulb filaments?

Tugsten No, its Neon. like Neon signs actually its not neon because neon is used for neon lights the questions states what is used in light bulb filaments not neon lights.

Do neon tetras actually have neon in them?

Neon light bulbs work by transmitting electricity through neon gas to produce light. Neon tetras are not electric, so neon is not the culprit of the fishes shimmer. The colors that you see on a neon tetra are a result of iridescence.

What determines a neon light?

A neon light is an electrical currant passing through neon gas... that's why its dangerous to breathe I'm when they break

What are the physical facts about neon?

Neon is a very bright light.

Is neon light natural light?

No, it isn't

How does the gaseous neon atoms in a neon sign emit light?

Neon atoms absorb electrical energy and then emit energy. The emitted energy is the light you see.

A neon light is more similar to an incandescent light or fluorescent light and explain how too Please?

A neon light is more similar to a fluorescent light because they both glow brightly. They provided light to as you commonly know.If you have ever seen a Neon light and a fluorescent light you will probably say that they are alike.

What is a type of light?


Brain teasers knee light?

neon light

What kind of light was made in 1909?

Neon light

How do you make neon light?

In order to make neon light, You fill a glass tube with neon, and trace other substances for color, then you run an electric current through it

What gas is used in a neon light?

It contains neon gas as it is also given in its name "neon light". However, it does contain other gases too but in negligible amounts.

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