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A Niggly Wiggly is that little strip of paper that hangs out of a Hershey's kiss.
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What is the warning light that has an arrow pointing downward towards a wiggly line inside a square with a T-type looking handle on top?

Answer \n. \nThis indicator is telling you that the antifreeze level in your engine compartment overflow container is low. Under the hood, look on the left side (from the front) for the container. On the outside is marked the ideal level. If the level is very low, something is leaking in your co ( Full Answer )

What does 'niggly-tiggly' mean?

To niggle means to find fault constantly; to fuss over every little detail. There is no "tiggly" in the dictionaries, so it must just be a nonsense rhyming word to go with "Niggly." I would say it is a slangy way of saying someone is anal-retentive and complains a lot.

Goldfish There are white wiggly things sticking out of your goldfish his tail has also gone blood red what is this and how can you treat it?

anchor worm. the worm can be removed with tweezers and then the bloody spot dipped once with iodine or hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab. and then daily application of neosporin cream until the redness has gone. if the whole tank is infected, buy anchors away from any good aquarium. the fins probab ( Full Answer )

In Pokemon silver how do you get past the wiggly Pokemon blocking the path?

!!THIS IS THE REAL ANSWER!! YOU HAVE TO WATER IT!! I HOPED THIS HELPS U OUT!! Obtain the "squirtbottle" from a woman in a house full of flowers in goldenrod city (northish part of town) after defeating the goldenrod gym leader. After this, use the quirt bottle on the wiggly pokemon. yea but your ( Full Answer )

How do you catch that wiggly tree Pokemon in Battle Frontier on Pokemon Emerald?

you must first obtain a wailmer pale which is in the pretty petal flower shop right outside of rustboro city. go out to the tree and press a it will ask you if you want to water it say yes and it will become anrgy and battle you it is actually a sudowoodo at level 30 make sure you stock up on ultra ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of the tree in the wiggly tree in Pokemon gold?

well it matters which and where the tree is if it is blocking the ruins of alph entance then you should beat the falkner and the other guys/girls in the gym. then go next door and get a spray bottle from a lady next door or from a house nearby the gym and then use the spraybottle on the treee an it ( Full Answer )

How do you water the wiggly tree?

You use the walmer pail or if you have any other game beside emerald Sapphire or ruby they have other water paIls its in the flower shop just before the bridge where Rustburo(spelled wrong) town begins theres one girl you have to talk to usually in the back of the shop once you get you go in front o ( Full Answer )

If your period is 12 days late when usually very regular 28 day cycle you then did 3 home pregnancy tests all negative Slight niggly lower tummy pain tired emotional Could you still be pregnant?

Yes, I've read that in some cases women don't get a positive HPT until week 7 or 8 of pregnancy (rare, but may happen to some people). I would recommend asking your doctor for a blood test to see if your pregnant and if not, then to see if your homone levels and other factors are in the normal range ( Full Answer )

Where is the wiggly tree in Pokemon Gold?

In Violet City. Follow the path that's in between the house and the Market, go past the girl & Boy that are just standing there and you'll find it.

What do you have to do to make your tooth wiggly?

Not much, all you have to do is wiggle it back and forth, and you it will be ready to come out, if it is very loose like it is going to fall right out, then you pull pull and there you have it! (the wiggling will irritate it, and it might hurt, but 4 a second.

What do you do after the wiggly tree - emerald?

If you're talking about the wiggly tree on the battle frontier, it's sudowudo. Use the wailmer pail on it and you can battle and catch it. After surf along the path and you'll end up in artisan's cave. I think there's a rare candy in there and a lot of smeargle.

How do you break the wiggly tree in Pokemon Crystal?

The wiggly tree is actually Sudowoodo.. You need to get the badge in Goldenrod City. Then you go to the Flower Shop (next to the gym) and get squirtbottle. Use the squirtbottle on Sudowoodo and it will attack you. Defeat it or catch it and you will be able to get past.

What are the wigglie bugs in dry dog food?

I'm not really sure but I believe they are some type of mite. I have found them in my food storage container. I think the young mite is a whitish looking wiggly worm but I think they grow into a larger (rounder black) black looking bug. The white-ish looking pupae (the young mite - from my search ( Full Answer )

How do you make your tooth wiggly when it is not lose?

what you do if you have a sister or you are a girl then take a hair clip take the pointy part and stick it in the skin get it down in there( this may hurt a bunch cause there is an alive nerve in there but this is how i do it)and if you keep doing that then then it will start to wiggle and then crac ( Full Answer )

How do you get past the wiggly tree in heartgold Nintendo ds?

You'll get an item to use on it, but if you haven't got it, you aren't at the right point in the game yet. You'll need to travel down to Azalea, then up to Goldenrod, defeat the gym leader, and obtain a water bottle from the flower store. This is the item you need.

What do you do after beating wiggly tuff in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

do some more missions of the builten boards and then walk back into wigglytufs guild and team charm will be there then they will bring u to aegis cave when u walk into the dungeon and complete it it will send u back to the begining of the dungeon but there's a stone simble in the middle of the room ( Full Answer )

How did your indoor cat get little wiggly white worms?

He could have gotten it from a small animal that he found or if he was outside even once he could have gotten them. sometimes they can get it if they got into a garbage can. i suggest you go to a vet to see if he has parasites.

How do you get a tooth wiggly?

try to eat hard food as much as you can like apples and stuff trust me i had the same problem and it would make me wake up in the middle of the night and it would make me sad a nd cry so just try eating hard foods and ask your mom or dad to gentley pull out your tooth(i recomend doing this on the co ( Full Answer )

How many wiggly trees are in Pokemon silver?

There's only one. If you don't catch it, you have to trade. A great trick for it is save in front of it and if you make it faint, turn of your game and turn it back on. This also works for Lugia and Ho-oh. To get Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew, you have to trade from the games Red, Blue, ( Full Answer )

How do you get wiggly wall paper on moshi monsters?

well u have to use a code 1.go to the sign in page type in your username and password 2.under the password bar u should find another bar type in port 3. log in and look in the tresure chest on the bottom left corner p.s. i got it this morning it works!!!!!!

How do you get rid of the wiggly tree blocking the way to a city in Pokemon Gold?

After going through the cave and Azalea Town and defeating team rocket and defeating the leader of Goldenrod's gym, you can go to the florist to the right of the gym and once you find her sister near the tree north of goldenrod go back to the florist get the squirt bottle and spray the tree. It's a ( Full Answer )

What states can Piggly Wiggly grocery stores can be found?

The Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain operates in the Midwestern and Southern regions of the United States. They have stores in 17 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia ( Full Answer )

How much does piggy wiggly bag boys make?

This really depends on state you live in. Many states have different minimum wages. They can range from five dollars an hour to over nine dollars an hour.

What products does Wiggly Wigglers offer?

Wiggly Wigglers offers a wide range of sustainable items on it's website. They provide flowers, wormery kits and live worms, bird feed and a range of socks knitted from goat wool.

Are the borders of the country straight or wiggly?

Yes. That is to say, some are straight; the border between Canada and the United States is, for 2/3 of its length, straighter than an arrow for about 2,000 miles. The world's most famous surveyors, Mason and Dixon, drew the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania as straight as 1760's technology c ( Full Answer )