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According to 1. One who does not conform to, or refuses to be bound by, accepted beliefs, customs, or practices. 2. often Nonconformist A member of a Protestant church not observing the doctrines, usage, or polity of a national or established church, especially the Church of England. Urban dicionary: Wikipedia:

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Q: What is a nonconformist?
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What part of speech is nonconformist?

Nonconformist is a noun.

Nonconformist in a sentence?

In the following sentence, the word nonconformist is used as a noun. Steven wanted to jump into the political arena, but was determined to remain a nonconformist.

How do you use nonconformist in a sentence?

Sally is a nonconformist in that she does not follow what that crowd does, but makes her own decisions.

When was Thomas Dixon - nonconformist - born?

Thomas Dixon - nonconformist - was born in 1680.

When did Thomas Dixon - nonconformist - die?

Thomas Dixon - nonconformist - died in 1729.

What is the opposite of conformist?


When was John Alexander - nonconformist minister - born?

John Alexander - nonconformist minister - was born in 1736.

When did John Alexander - nonconformist minister - die?

John Alexander - nonconformist minister - died in 1765.

What is a sentence for the word nonconformist?

The rebellious student had always been a nonconformist, taking issue with even the most insignificant rules.

Is Coco Chanel a nonconformist?

yes, i think Coco Chanel is a nonconformist because she had a very unigue sense of fashion. :D

What are some popular nonconformist books?

The Nonconformist books is the refusal to conform to, or follow, the governance and usage of the Church of England by the Protestant Christians of England and Wales. Some popular Nonconformist book are Presbyterians, Congregationalists, Baptists, Quakers.

What is another name for a nonconformist?


Why do nonconformist churches not have an alter?

not a clue

How would you use the word nonconformist in a sentence?

There is nothing in the whole world so unbecoming to a woman as a nonconformist conscience - Oscar Wilde.

Why is marlyin Manson a nonconformist?

Marilyn Manson is a popular hard rock artist. He could be considered a nonconformist because of his unconventional style of dress.

Was Rene Magritte a nonconformist?

His painting was. But as a person he was not.

What term best describes Frederick Douglass?


What is an eight letter word meaning nonconformist?


How was bob Dylan a nonconformist?

Didn't beleive in war

Was nonconformist preaching against the law in 1660?


What is an synonym for hectic?

nonconformist, dissenter, freethinker

Give you a sentence with the word nonconformist?

a sentence for the word noncomformist

What is the word for a person who always goes against what everyone else does?


Was Albert Einstein a nonconformist and if he was why?

i don't know and im writing about that now

What is a 6 letter word for nonconformist?

hippie, oddity, ornery, unruly