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Usually they are called a neonatal nurse. :o) You're probably thinking of a neo-natal nurse.

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Q: What is a nurse called who helps premature babies?
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What is a neo netal nurse?

a neo Natal nurse is someone who takes care of new born and premature babies.

What is the difference between neonatal nurse and midwife nurse?

Neonatal is for premature babies, abd midwife can deliever at home

What is the name of a nurse who helps deliver babies?

A Midwife helps delivers babies, their title is CNM (certified nurse midwife).

What does it take to become a nurse for premature babies?

rn or LPN with specialization in neonatal work

What are neonatal nurese?

A neonatal nurse is a nurse that works with premature babies. They will vary in gestational age, and they will all have special needs.

Nurse that cares for babies after birth?

The nurse that takes care of the babies after birth is called a postpartnum nurse.

What type of job should someone go into if they want to work will premature babies?

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

What does a needle nadle nurse do?

It's not "needle nadle." It's "neonatal." A neonatal nurse takes care of new born babies, whether they be premature or not.

What is a pectatarian?

A person who is like a nurse but helps with the babies

What is the name of a nurse who helps doctors deliver babies?


What is the nurse called that delivers babies?


What is a nurse called who cares for new babies?

Normally just a pediactric nurse

What would a nurse that helps elderly people called?

Geriatric Nurse

What is the nurses title that takes care of the babies after they are born?

a nurse that takes care of babies when there born is called a neonatal nurse and a Doctor that takes care of babies when there first born is a neonatalogist

What are the nurses that deliver babies in the hospitals called?

certified nurse midwives delivery babies in US hospitals

Does platupuses nurse their babies?

yes,platupuses nurse thier babies

What is a nurse called that helps deliver the baby?


What is a person who helps a doctor called?

A doctor's assistant or a nurse (there are nurses of both genders, by the way).

What doctors take care of babies?

the doctors that take care of babies is called a pediatrician. you could get mixed up with a nurse and a pediatrician but the difference is that a nurse doesn't only take care of babies and kids. they can take care of any size.

In what ways do Neonatal Nurses look after sick and premature babies?

Usually when a baby is born the baby would go into the care center (many names for the baby room) but there are special rooms for sick and premature babies like the ICU (intesive care unit) where the nurse would help and monitor the baby's breathing and of dehydration and to feed either to the mother or in an iv.

What is a pediatrician nurse?

A pediatrician nurse is nurse that take care of babies.

What do you call the nurse who cleans the babies when they are born?

ICU Nurse What? The neonatal nurse.

What is the lifetime movie where that nurse pretends to be pregnant and steals babies?

The movie is called Empty Cradle

Do fish nurse babies?


How do mother hedgehogs feed their babies?

hey nurse thier babies by suckling all mammels suckle even humans but that is called breast feeding