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Q: What is a other name for the bowie knife?
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Why did James bowie use the bowie knife?

James Black, a blacksmith, created bowie knife for James Bowie. Bowie's heroism caused the knife to become well known across the country, and that is why the name is the "Bowie knife," because it was the knife Jim used the most.

In Louisiana who invented a wicked looking knife bearing his name?

Jim Bowie, who died at the Alamo, gave his name to the Bowie knife.

Who inveted the first bowie knife?

The inventor of bowie knife is his the brother of james bowie( he died in Alamo), Razin bowie(he is the actual inventor of the bowie knife).

Did Jim Bowie invent the Bowie knife?

No, His brother. Rezin P. Bowie, invented the Bowie knife.

A knife named after an American frontiersman?

Bowie knife by James Bowie

Did James bowie create the bowie knife?

James Black, a blacksmith, created the bowie knife for Jim Bowie himself. After Jim died at the alamo, everyone said they wanted "Jim Bowie's knife." So James started to make them behind his leather curtain, keeping the process from everyone, even though on his deathbed he wanted to share the process with a friend, but couldn't remember how he made it. To sum everything up, No. Jim Bowie used the knife that James Black made, and the knife became popular after Bowie's death at the Alamo. Bowie fanatics (including me) love the knives, and feel like it is an amazing part of Texan history. Bowie's heroism caused the knife to become well known across the country, and that is why the name is the "Bowie knife," because it was the knife Jim used the most.

What is another name for hacking knife that begins with a b?


When James Bowie made the Bowie knife?

Bowie knife is a fixed blade knife mainly used for camping and hunting purposes. It is about 12-30 in and designed in 1830 by James Bowie. It is also used as a survival knife (self protection).

What is the reason a bowie knife is called an Arkansas toothpick?

James Black, an Arkansas blacksmith, was by many accounts, the maker of the Bowie Knife. Black's knives were copied in England and sold in America as the 'Arkansas Toothpick'. Jim Bowie became legend after the famous "Sandbar Duel" in 1827 with reportedly a knife made for him by Black. After Jim Bowie was killed at the Alamo in 1836, the Bowie knife became firmly established in his name as a lasting tribute.

How long was Jim bowie's bowie knife?

The length of bowie knife would be around 12- 30 inches.

Where is bowie knife?

Bowie knife is a fixed blade knife created by Jim Bowie. These knives are easily available on both online as well as offline stores.

What does the bowie knife in nazi zombies do?

It changes out your primary knife to the Bowie knife, which increases the damage done by knifing

Is it legal to carry a bowie knife and what are the laws regarding carrying a bowie knife in my car within easy reach in Maryland?


Who invented the Bowie knife?

The bowie knife is created by Jim Bowie. It is a fixed blade knife which is easily available on both online as well as offline stores at decent prices.

What happened to Jim Bowie's knife after the Battle of the Alamo?

The knife Jim Bowie carried has been lost to history. We can deduce from available information what the knife probably looked like but we will never know for certain what happened to the knife he carried. Jim Bowie apparently died in his room and this makes it likely that the knife was picked up by some one whose name has been lost to history. The knife was of good quality so it would not likely been thrown away.

How do you pack a punch bowie knife on call of duty black ops?

You cant - the bowie knife replaces your standard knife and is useful for 1 knife kills upto round 11 but after only good for crawler killing. you can upgrade the ballistic knife from the box and it instant revives other downed players .

What did Jim Bowie invent?

the bowie knife

What is bowies knife made out of?

The original Bowie Knife was made with an ivory handle and a silver blade. Today the name "Bowie Knife" remains, but the knives are now made with a steel blade and various handles including wood, resin, metal, and leather.

Which defernder of the Alamo designed a knife that still carries his name?

Jim Bowie designed a large knife from a broken sword. Any large knife of this style is known as a "Bowie knife". He was one of the volunteers who died at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX during the struggle for Texas's independance.

What is the purpose of a bowie knife?

A bowie knife has many uses. It is popular with hunters because of the power it has for skinning an animal. Also, because of the large blade, a bowie knife can be used for hunting and cutting wood.

How did James bowie get his nickname?

he invented the bowie knife

What are James bowie accomplishments?

the creation of the bowie knife

Is the Bowie knife in cod zombies real?

Yes. It is an American knife created by Jim Bowie. It was designed and produced in the 1830's. The Bowie knife in Call of Duty does not include the various grooves and shapes of the knife, but highlights its basic aesthetic features. It is really big knife and deadly.

How did David Bowie get the last name Bowie?

He changed it from Jones to avoid being confused with the Monkees singer... He took the name Bowie from the knife... You'd have to ask him why... Better than David Swiss Army though...

Who made the first bowie knife?

Jim Bowie is credited with the knife that came to also be known as a 'Texas toothpick'.