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The pedicar was invented by :"ROBERT.L BUNDSCHUH " The abstract of the pedal car is as follows : An occupant -propelled vehicle including a frame and running gear so constructed that the total weight of the vehicle can be kept within limits which
make it possible for the occupant to propell the vehicle at reasonable speeds . The frame includes a longintidinal main
beam and front and rear transverse members secured thereto.
with an upright bracket secured to each end of the transvers member for attachment of a body shell and to support outboard antifriction bearings for two independent axles , the inner ends of the axles being journalled in antifriction bearings supported on the main beam .
The 1970's pedicar was a very advanced unique 4 wheeled human powered vehicle THE PEDICAR IS A UNIQUE ALL WEATHER COMINATION HYBRID BICYCLE / MINI CAR . IT HAD A ABS LIGHT WEIGHT BODY AND ALUMINUM FRAME WHICH IS WHY IT ONLY WEIGHED 125 POUNDS . THE CAR HAD 20 INCH BICYCLE TIRES . AND WAS FEATURED IN POPULAR SCIENCE AND MECHANICS ILLISTRATED IN THE PAST. The pedicar was pedaled in a straight line motion and had a recoil on the pedals the pedicar had 5 forward speeds and a reverse . it could carry one person and had room in the back for groceries etc. hTe this layout in my opinion is great , comforts and looks of a car with thebicycle. some pictures are available on this website link from Lonnie Hensley (above and below info. supplied by :Lonnie Hensley ) http://www.geocities.com/aircooledvair/pedicar.html And here is a link for a video of it . the http://openweb.tvnews.vanderbilt.edu/1972-10/1972-10-17-NBC-33.html 19 I7 INFO.0's "pedicar" a very advanced unique 4 wheeled hpv bicycle.
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