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What is a characteristic property of the noble gases?

it donot chemically react with any other element,compounds,chemicals easily

What are the advantages of PowerPoint in Malayalam language?

if the person donot know nglish malayalam helps .

Disadvantages of co-education in Pakistan?

my opinion is that we donot get co edu.butalso making against it others thnx

What is called a South American animal with a thick wooly coat?

I donot now sjhdfkal

What is mean by renal failure and kidney stones?

kidney donot perform its function is called renal failure

What is the name of the skunk on the movie Bambi?

Flower...Bambi named him that after he called the skunk a flower.

What is Saturated vs unsaturated?

A solution that dissolve in a solvent is called "saturated solution. and the solution that donot dissolve in a solvent is called "unsaturated solution".

What are the advantages of the renewable energy sources?

here are a few of them: 1) they donot cause pollution. 2) they donot contribute to global warming. 3) they are renewable (i.e they donot get over).

How do you take revenge form best friend?

donot do anything back.say face to face that they donot deserve ur friendship and never speak to them.say that they donot know the friendship value..........

What is the address to jameson camp?

I'm not telling you until you tell me. i donot know the answer so donot be affended.

What to do if your crush donot like you and like your friend but she donot like him?

you tell your friend to tell him she don't like him

Why was Icarus in prison?

i donot no

What is megaretailers?

i donot know,

What molecules can not dissolve in water for example oils?

The molecules which donot have polar centers donot dissolve in water as fat and oil,

Characteristics of flowering and non flowering plants?

Flowering plants bear flowers and are also called phanerogames. The non-flowering plants donot have flowers. These are called cryptogames.

If a person is in a coma are they able to visit the spirit world and remember that visit if and when they wake up?

no they donot visit spirits they lie there unable to move

How many babies can a bull have at once?

Bulls are males , they doNOT have babies, only cows have babies , theya re called calves.

Which flower do not have pedicle?

Musa paradisiaca(Banana),Polianthes tuberosa(Tube rose) are some flowers which donot have pedicil.They are called sessile.

What makeup brands dont test on animals?

Store brands: Revlon and almay donot test . department store brands: Esteelauder,clinique donot test.Also Avon and Marykay donot test on animals either.Thanks for caring about animals.

3 differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells?

eukaryotes have cell wall while rokaryotes donot have cell walls the DNA in eukaryotes is in the nucleus while in prokaryotes it is floating near the nucleus and this region is called nucleoid. eukaryotes have membrane bounded organelles while prokaryotes donot have it.

What are sea robins predators?

I donot know

What is the distance from Auckland to Manukau?

I donot know

What happens when you donot water the plants?

They die.

What is the national income of Argentina?

donot knoww

Why was Paul Revere remembered?

i donot now