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I person from Iran has is Iranian.

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What is an Iran person called?


What is Persia now called?

Persia is now called Iran

What was the was the war in Iran called?

the Iran war

What is the money called in Iran?

The money in Iran is called Rial pronounced reeyeel!

What is the average income of a person living in Iran?

the average person in Iran makes around $12,000 a year.

What are Iran people called?

People of Iran are called Iranians.... or an Irani for singular....Iranians.

Why are rugs from Iran called Persian?

Iran used to be Persia

What type of government is Iran called?

Islamic Republic of Iran

Until recently the country known as Iran was also called what?

Iran was also called Persia.

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.

What was it before it was Iran?

Prior to be called Iran the country was known as Persia.

What are people from Iran-called?


Who is the richest person in Iran?

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is believed to be the wealthiest person in Iran. Please see the Related Link below.

People who live in Iran called?

Persians - Because before Iran was Iran it was Persia. They are also known as Iranians.

You are looking for famous heart surgeon in tehran Iran?

Iran is a person that discovered artificial trachea

What middle eastern country by iraq used to be called persia?

IRAN is the neighbor of Iraq that used to be called Persia.

Was Thailand originally called Persia?

No. The historic name of Thailand was the Kingdom of Siam. IRAN was originally called Persia.

What Middle Eastern country that lies between Iran and Afghanistan used to be called the Persia?

Iran was Persia. Iraq was called Mesopotamia. There is no country between Iran and Afghanistan as the two countries border one another. Iran is Persia.

Who made the fruit mango?

person in Iran

What country used to be called Persia?

IRANIn 1935, Shah Reza Pahlavi asked that all foreigners call Persia by its historic endonym, Iran.

When was the Shah of Iran deposed?

1979, by his so-called "allies", who threw Iran to the wolves.

Who is the King of Iran?

There is no king of Iran. There is the spiritual leader, called the Ayatollah. Since Iran is a theocracy they follow a religion, as their government. The current Ayatollah of Iran is Ali Khamenei.

What s Persia now called?

It is now called Iran. Before it was called Iran, it was called Persia, and before it was called Persia, it was called Bactrina. This may be why the name "Bactrian" is used for a type of camel.

What is Persia called today?


Was Iran formerly called Istanbul?