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One could say "musicophile" or "audiophile."

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Q: What is a person passionate towards music called?
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How long will it take for me to be in the music industry?

It varies from person to person. Many never become successful in the industry. It will happen faster if you are passionate, talented, and have connections.

A person who play music is called?


What is a person who writes music called?


What type of music did Monteverdi strive to create?

Monteverdi strove to create music that was passionate and dramatic.

Is love adjective?

Love is a noun, as in a passionate affection for another person. Love is also a verb, as in to have a strong liking for music. As an adjective, the form is 'loving'

Person who writes a piece of music?

... is called the composer.

What is a person that play and compose music called?

A ' Musician' PLAYS music. A 'Composer' WRITES ( composes) Music.

What do call a person who writes music?

A person who writes music is called a music composer or a songwriter. A singer-songwriter is one who writes, composes and sing their own music material.Someone who solely writes lyrics may be called a lyricist, and someone who only writes music may be called a composer.

What stands out about Beyonce?

Beyonce stands out because of her passionate music and her beautiful personality.

What is it called when a person has the opposite of an ear for music?

Tone deaf

Why are you passionate about music?

Some of the reasons why I'm passionate about Music, is because I think that Music is a form of self expression and music taste has to do with others personality, sensitivity and view of life and It's easy to connect with people who share your music passion. In my opinion, music to me is like my escape from reality. For example, when everything in my life feels like its falling apart, my music is always there.

Person who directs an orchestra?

A person who directs an orchestra is called the conductor. Sometimes, conductors are referred to as music directors. The composer is the person who wrote the music being played.

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