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that would be the persons brother-in laws-cousin which would be too frickin far to have any sort of real name!!!!!!

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What relation is your husbands cousin to you?

Cousin in Law

What is my relationship to my husbands cousin?

Cousin through marriage.

What is your sisters husbands cousin to you?

The relative of someone who is married into your family is never of any relation to you. So you sister's husband's cousin is not related to you in any way. Which, of course, is not to say that they can't feellike family.

What do you call your husbands cousins cousins in law?

I think that you call them your cousin in law because its pretty much the same concept as a sister in law... its your husbands cousin so it would be a cousin in law

Sisters' in a sentence?

My brothers-in-law are my sisters' misters. I don't know which of the sisters' husbands he is.

What relationship is your husbands third cousin to you?

Your husband's third cousin is just considered your third cousin through marriage.

Is kelly rowland Beyonce cousin?

no there not cousin their sisters

What do you call your cousin sisters daughter?

Your 2nd cousin

What do you call my husbands uncles son?

Your cousin in law

Should you date your sisters cousin?

No you shouldn't date your sisters cousin because its wrong and he or she is related by blood.

If your sister has a godsister and your sister's godsister has a cousin and that's your sisters cousin will that be the little sisters cousin?

Ummm... I think so because the sister's cousin has to be related to you unless she is a stepsister.

Who is your third cousin and second cousin?

Your second cousin is the grandchild of one of your grandparent's brothers or sisters. Your third cousin is the great grandchild of one of your great grandparent's brothers or sisters.

Is your sisters son any relation to your husbands sisters son?

Well, it depends how close you are to your husbands family. If you really want to know they are cousins-in-law.

What relation am I to my husbands cousin's sister?

Your husband's cousin's sister is also your husband's cousin. You are not related to your husband's cousin.

Why did you have an affair with your husbands cousin?

Only you hold the key to why you had an affair with your husband's cousin. It's called cheating for one.

Who is your fathers sisters son?

He is your cousin

Who were Christine McGuire's of the McGuire Sisters husbands?


How do you call your husbands sisters son?

A nephew-In-Law.

Is it okay to date your sisters husbands brother?


Who is she to you sisters husbands fathers brothers daughter?

Let's see if we can unravel this. Your sister's husband's father's brother is your sister's husband's uncle. The uncle's daughter is your sister's husband's cousin. There is no relationship to your sister, unless your sister wants to call her a cousin-in-law. To break it down to its simplest terms: She is your brother-in-law's cousin and no relationship to you.

Can you marry you ex husbands cousin?

Yeah, but it would be a little weird

What is the relation between my mum's sisters daughter and her husband to me?

Cousin and cousin-in-law

What is my mothers sisters Granddaughter's relationship to me?

Your mothers sisters Granddaughter is your second cousin

What is your dads sisters daughter?

Hopefully your cousin

What relation is your grandfathers sisters son to you?


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