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What is a plug switch for a load out spout?

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A switch that will alarm the main control room or operator that the material being conveyed through the load out spout has backed up. This will typically be near the discharge. Can be applicable to spouts, conveyors, bucket elevators, etc...

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What is the function 13 A switch socket outlet?

It enables you to switch off the load from the socket, rather than have to pull the plug out of the socket.

What is the least destructive load to switch?

No load is the least destructive load to a switch.

What is load breaker switch?

See, type in load break switch for your answer.

What is on load and off load switching?

On load switching is when a switch can be operated whilst current is still passing through the switch (i.e. it is on load) Offload switching is when a switch is operated whilst there is no current through the switch (i.e. it is offload)

Where can you find pour spout for eagle gas can? has an almost exact replica of the spout and plug but no screen or gas can cap.They say soon they will have the gas cap and screen.I did buy a spout from them and it is so close to the Eagle you couldn't tell from a distance.I ended up using my old spout by melting the rubber back with a soldering iron but I do have a rotoplax spout in reserve now.Bill.

What do you when an app on your iPod Touch does not load?

When the app dosent load switch your iPod or iPhone off and leave it for about 2 mins then switch it back on and it should load.

What happens when you connect the line wire from the switch to the load wire from the wall?

This is what the purpose of a switch is. It connects the "hot" wire to the load. When this is done the load becomes energized.

How can you make your ps3 untraceable online?

plug in the extender plug switch the black switch and dance around

Why does your lightswitch get hot on your dodge diesel?

The Plug that is hooked to the head light switch is melting, Get a new switch at a parts store, it will come with a new plug, it will be necessary to splice (solder) the plug. If you do not replace the plug and switch it will start a fire in the dash.

When a switch is turned off should the load be zero?

The load will be zero after the switch is turned off. if power is still being drawn then the switch is quite likely faulty

20 amp light switch for 15 amp light switch?

You can always use a higher rated switch to control a smaller load. You can not use a a lower rated switch to control a larger load.

Is a switch considered a load?

No it is not considered a load. A load transforms electrical energy into other types of energy :)

Why might the dashlights and taillights not work on a 93 buick leabre if the fuses are good?

The headlight switch and or the headlight switch electrical plug may be bad. Inspect the switch/plug and you may find the plug melted.

What is a one way dimmer switch?

It is the terminology given to differentiate the dimmer switch from a three way dimmer switch. It is a replacement for an ordinary lighting load switch when you want to dim the lighting load for aesthetic value.

Difference between load break switch and isolator?

Load Breaker Switch:Load Breaker switch act as circuit protection device, it contains some characteristics like over load, short circuit protection. Eg: MCBs,MCCBsIsolator:Isolator act like a manual on - off switch, manually isolate from the main circuit for maintenance purpose that's all, these device don't have any other protection for the short circuit and over load.

How does a fuse power a electrical plug?

A fuse doesn't 'power' an electrical plug. A fuse protects the load supplied by that plug.

Where is drain plug for Mitsubishi starion radiator?

Its on the bottom driver side of the radiator. Its a plastic piece with a spout that turns to open.

What if the wattage of the load is higher than the rating of the dimmer switch?

If the wattage load is higher that the rating of the dimmer switch then do not use the switch on that circuit. The manufacturer's components of the switch are only rated at a specific rating. Going higher than that rating will destroy the device and void any warranty that the switch might have. Always size the device to the load that you are wanting to control.

What is offload device?

an off-load device a a switch where there is no current passing through it when its switched, a isolator is a off load device, a light switch is a on-load device because there is current passing through it when its switched.

What are electrical static and dynamic load?

The load which is not varying w.r.t time i.e fix load is known as static whereas the load whose magnitude changes arbitrarily e.g you switch on the light, switch off the light so the load of your home varies as you turn on it or off, so this is what known as dynamic load.

Is there a voltage across a open switch?

If the switch is what is keeping the load from turning on, then yes, there is a voltage across the open switch.

How do you UNCHARGE a capacitor?

Connect it, in series, to a resistor or a dummy load and a switch. And then throw the switch.

Where is the kill switch on a mini bike?

near the spark plug. some engines have lever that touch the spark plug ,others have a grounded switch

If an appliance does NOT work at all when you plug it in and turn the switch on the appliance circuit is?

If an appliance does not work at all when you plug it in and turn the switch on the appliance circuit is not on.

What are switched loads?

A switched load is an electrical load that has a switch ahead of it. This allows the load to be isolated from the electrical source. It could be a safety switch used for isolating machinery when maintenance needs to be done. A lighting fixture in your house could be classed as a switched load.