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All "standard" U.S. spec television sets and some high-definition television sets use a process called "interlacing" to create the screen image. A standard U.S. spec television set uses 525 lines to create the image. A standard US-spec refreshes 60 times per second -- BUT, only half the lines are refreshed each time. The odd-numbered lines are refreshed, then 1/60th of a second later the even-numbered lines are refreshed, then 1/60th of a second later the odd-numbered lines are refreshed again, et cetera. So in reality each line is refreshed only 30 times per second. However, Computer Monitors and many high-definition TVs have what is called "progressive scan" refreshing. Instead of alternately refreshing every other line 30 times per second, progressive scan refreshes each line starting from the top and moving to the bottom. That is, it refreshes line number one, then line number two, then line number three, et cetera, all the way to the bottom. A complete top-to-bottom scan is completed 60 times per second. The primary advantages of this method are: a) movement is rendered more accurately because the entire screen refreshes 60 times per second rather than 30 times per second; b) this substantially reduces "flicker" which is more easily detected up-close, which is one of the reasons why progressive-scan is used on computer monitors. Progressive-scan is particularly common on HDTVs with 720 lines. This standard is called 720p. Another common HDTV resolution standard is 1080 lines; however, as of this writing almost all 1080-line HDTVs use interlacing. This standard is called 1080i. Progressive-scan DVD players are capable of producing a progressive-scan picture on a video viewing device (computer monitor, 720p HDTV, etc.) However, ONLY such devices are capable of making use of a DVD player's progressive scan capability. A progressive-scan DVD player viewed through an interlace-display device (such as a standard television set or a 1080i HDTV set) will still produce a picture that is refreshed using the interlace method rather than the progressive-scan method. For this reason, most people have no need for progressive-scan-capable DVD players unless they plan to purchase a 720p HDTV in the near future. That said, almost all but the cheapest "stripper" DVD players have progressive-scan capability.

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Q: What is a progressive scan DVD player?
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Do all DVD players display at the same resolution?

No. Progressive scan DVD players display about twice the resolution that regular ones do. Today however even the cheapest DVD player will have progressive scan. Also not all TVs can display full DVD resolution.

How can you play a real media type movie on a dvd playerIf you can't what do you use to make it work?

Get Philips Slim Progressive Scan DVD Player with DivX.

What combo dvd writer/vcr is best at converting home videotapes to DVD's.?

Try the Sony Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Recorder And Player Combo Model RDRVX530 this is considered one of the best devices for this job.

Who manufactures SuperScan tv's sold at Sears?

Super Scan TV's are a DVD based TV/DVd player and vhs player. So to program the remote control for such a tv would be under DVD: super scan.

My tv screen is split in the center there is a big yellow triangle inside it it says PSCAN How do you turn it off on DVD player?

This happened to me and there is a switch on the back of our DVD player for Progressive Scan. It had been switched on sometime and I merely switched it to "off" and the screen corrected itself. Hope this helps.

Aveis DVD PLayer not ejecting the tray?

Keep on trying to eject it out with remote or manually on the unit. When it does eject the tray out. Always leave a disk inside the tray. don't leave it empty for seems it more likely to eject out that way. Model I was using was DP202AS pROGRESSIVE SCAN DVD PLAYER.

Does sony make a dvd/vcr combo?

Yes, Sony makes several versions of a DVD/VCR combo. These include progressive-scan DVD/VCR combos and DVD recorder/VCR combos. The latter is capable of copying VHS content onto DVD.

What is progressive scan on a DVD Does it make any difference weather your DVD player has it or not?

Progressive scan provides a more film-like image display that is more pleasing for viewing DVDs on a television display. Video signals are generated using horizontal lines. An regular, or interlaced, picture draws every other line and alternates between drawing odd lines and even lines. A progressive scan picture draws every line in sequence. Therefore, a progressive scan video signal sends twice as much data than an interlaced signal each time it draws an image on the screen. This basically means that if you have a TV that can display more than just the standard resolution you will get twice the picture clarity.

Do progressive scan DVD players have better picture quality than Blu-Ray DVD players?

Blue ray is considered to be the absolute best picture quality currently available.

Does a 1080i dvd-vcr combo work on a 1080p TV?

I do believe that it will work if your buy a converter. That is if they make a converter from interlaced to progressive scan.

How do you take off the progressive scan mode?

I too have the same problem and question? Hoewever, you can turn OFF the p-scan from the settings menu. My problem is even I switch OFF the p-scan mode the player always prompts me to turn it ON. Very blurred...Holding down the stop button for five seconds will turn off progressive scan mode once it is on.

What cables do you need to connect your DVD player to a TV Does the quality of the cables alter the picture quality?

All you need to connect a DVD player are standard component cables. When using progressive scan than you might have to get 5 cables component cables instead of the usual 3. In most lower end TVs the picture difference will be not noticeable. However if you have a better setup than it might be worth it to invest in something a little better.

What is an up-converting DVD player?

An up-converting DVD player changes the video signal so that it's compatible with the HDTV's on the market. It usually will have something like a line doubler circuit and possibly a scan rate converter.

How do you get multimedia working on a DVD player?

what kind of DVD player is it? did u mean just dvd or dvd player?

How do you rewrite on a DVD plus on a DVD player?

Rewrite is a record function, a dvd player is just that, a player.

How convert 8mm to DVD?

scan it of film it and digitalize the tape

What software is needed for a DVD player?

A DVD player.

What is a small Portable DVD Player?

The Sony DVP FX930 DVD player is a small portable DVD player. The COBY TFDVD7008 DVD player is another example.

Why does a DVD player have an eject button when you still have to approach the DVD player and remove it?

incase there is a problem with the DVD or player

What is a DVD player?

A DVD player plays DVD's. A DVD Recorder records DVD's.

Is a DVD player input or output?

The DVD player produces output to a screen from a DVD, which is storage. The DVD player first has to read the DVD, so it has input components too.

How do you easliy instert a DVD player in a car?

Fist you need to install a car DVD player in your car. Then insert a DVD in to the car DVD player.

DVD player sayes no disk?

that means either the DVD player is broken or the DVD doesnt work on that type of player

What kind of DVD player for HDMI?

An "upscaling" DVD player will have an HDMI output, as will a Blu-Ray player and an HD-DVD player (although HD-DVD is a dead format now).

Would a HD DVD play on a DVD with HDMi?

To play a HD DVD you need a HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not play a HD DVD, nor will a Blu-ray player. HDMI is just a connection: it won't give your standard DVD player superpowers.