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it is important to have exercise because

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Q: What is a proverb for Its important to get plenty of exercise?
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What things are included in a Shih-tzus diet?

Any dogs on a diet should get a plenty of exercise. Exercise is an important part of combating weight gain.

How do you improve a skin colour?

If you want to improve skin color, you can exfoliate which will remove all the dead and dry skin. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise is important along with drinking plenty of water.

How can you get health?

Eat right, Drink plenty of water, Get plenty of sleep, and Exercise!

How do you use the word hydrate in a sentence?

To stay hydrated during exercise, remember to drink plenty of water.

How do you get your pitbull strong?

Plenty of exercise and good food.

Why are you thirsty when you exercise?

Because your body is using up the moisture in your internal organs, muscles and skin as you exercise. You also sweat to maintain body temperature. It is very important when you work out to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water.

What are the top cardio exercises to keep the heart healthy?

When it comes to a healthy heart exercise is important but diet is even more important. Without proper nutrition, exercise won't do anything for your heart. Read up on plenty of books, magazines, blogs ect. for more imformation.

What 2 health habits can help prevent cancer?

There are many habits that can help prevent cancer. The most important ones are not smoking and getting plenty of exercise.

How much do diet and exercise each contribute to weight loss?

Both are extremely important. The best combo is a low carb, not no carb, with plenty of vegies and meat.

Why is paying attention to nutrients more valuable than counting calories?

In short, because calories are good. You need calories to function as a human. The important thing is to get a balanced diet (nutritionally), plenty of calories and plenty of exercise. Period.

Two ideas for getting enough regular physical activity?

drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise

What is the one most important thing that you can do to benefit your health?

The most important things that you can do to benefit your health, are to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. And Fiber, I cannot stress enough getting plenty of fiber.