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take all your motor mounts off and trans mount, buy about 4 large tubes of black silicone adhesive and fill the empty spaces on the mounts when their dry they will be as strong as urathane... cost under $20 bucks. I did this to my crx when I swaped my motor from 1.5 to a 1.6 because the mount were very weak....

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Does the civic b18c engine fit in a Honda civic dx?

yes it does you just have to buyt the mounts for it and weld them in

What Honda Civic engine will fit in a 1994 Honda Civic ex?

b18c1, b18a1,b16 with custom or hasport motor mounts and the engine harness

Can you take the engine outof a Honda crv and swap it with a Honda civic engine?

The B20a engine available in a CR-V can be transferred into a Honda Civic. The Civic will require special mounts, harness, and computer to accommodate the larger engine.

Why your 1998 Honda civic ex shakes when idle?

A 1998 Honda Civic shakes when it idles usually due to worn engine mounts. Open the hood and check the engine mounts. See if they are either cracked or brittle. Since the mounts can not absorb the vibrations it will be felt in the cabin.

Will Honda civic engine fit on motor mounts on geo prism?

No, custom fabrication is needed. Get a civic if you want drop ins.

Does a 1991 Honda Civic SI engine fit a 1990 Honda Civic DX?

Yes it will. Make sure you replace your motor mounts as they are most likely torn.

Your Honda Civic shakes for few seconds as you turn the engine off?

My Honda civic 2002 shakes fora few seconds as I turn the engine off.It happened right after replacing the engine mount on the driver's side.

What engines can you put in a 1995 Honda Civic EX?


Will motor from 1996 Honda acord fit 2000 Honda civic?

yes. it requires mounts and loom. but any vtech engine will fit

Will a 1997 Honda Civic engine work in 1995 Honda Civic?

yes, im guessing its a stock d series engine. if both had vtec you will ned minor modifications and if the new engine has vtec where as the 95 did not, you will need a new computer/ wire harness. motor mounts will be the same as well

Will a 2000 civic si engine fit into a 2000 civic ex?

yes. same body, same chassis. it'll fit right in. but you must have all the necessities: motor, tranny, ecu, mounts. enjoy

Will 2000 civic transmission fit 2001 civic?

Yes it will fit, however the mounts are in a different location

What will a 93 1.8 Acura engine fit in?

That engine would fit any Honda civic 88-00 with the right motor mounts, and will fit right in into any other Acura integra

What causes a 1997 Honda Civic to overheat if the heater is not on?

generally if an engine overheats, but then does not overheat when heater is turned on, is a good indication that the engine thermostat is stuck and needs replacing

How many motor mounts does a 200 Honda civic si coupe have?

it has three mounts plus two torque mounts. It has one mount on the driver side, one other mount is on the top of the Transmission. and one that mounts to a bracket on the back side of the engine. the two torque mounts and on the front one is part of the AC bracket and the other is mounted to the front of the transmission.

Is it possible to put a Honda civic engine in an 88' for escort and if so which civic engines will work?

any civic engine will work, any engine will fit, the amount of fabrication and frame modification and time and money required for this job makes it not a reasonable tasking to do. For a normal person, buying another car, or a newer car is suffice.

Can a 1989 Honda Civic Engine fit a 1992 Honda Accord?

Unless you get some custom mounts made, the civic engine will not mount in the accord. Any 92-96 Accord or 92-01 Prelude engine will bolt up to the 92 accord. **Note, the 97+ Prelude engine is OBD2, but can be converted back to OBD1, which is what the Accord is..

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1991 Honda Civic?

Follow the upper rad hose and at the engine there is a housing containing the thermostat. When replacing it make sure the spring goes toward the engine.

How do you swap a b18b1 into a 94 civic?

To swap a larger b18b1 engine into a 1994 Honda Civic the appropriate supplies must be bought and installed. The car will need axles, a wire harness, computer, transmission, and custom motor mounts.

Can you put an 2.2 liter evgine in a Honda civic?

If it is a Honda engine then yes you can. It sounds like your talking about an H-22 out of a Prelude. Look for Hasport motor mounts, I'm fairly certain they make some. You will have to grind your old motor mounts out, drill through your frame, and bolt in the new mounts.

How do you remove 1998 Honda civic automatic transmission?

Removing the transmission on a 1998 Honda Civic takes time as it engine will need to be remove as well. The engine mounts will need to be removed, coolant drained, hoses removed and shift linkage removed. When everything is properly loosened, using an engine hoist, lift the motor out. Disconnect the transmission from the engine and replace the unit.

Your 1995 Honda civic won't shift?

Wont shift while engine is on? Is it an automatic or a manual? if you put more information I can put a more reasonable answer.

What is the engine size of a Honda Civic?

The engine size of the Honda Civic is 1.8 litres.

Will a 2001 Civic engine fit in a 2000 Civic?


Why does your Honda Civic shake when idleing?

Shaking at idle is usually caused by worn engine mounts. It may also be caused by the exhaust system coming loose and touching the frame somewhere.