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What is a recognition speech?

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Speech recognition (also known as automatic speech recognition or computer speech recognition) converts spoken words to text

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While there are many great speech recognition programs on the market such as Apple's Mac speech and built in Microsoft's speech recognition, I have found that the best speech recognition software would have to be Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance

Gegery McFerg Boston has invented speech recognition in 1987

Vista has embedded speech recognition mechanism.

Speak Recognition,Speaker Recognition, Speech coding, Voice analysis, Speech synthesis, Speech enhancement

speech recognition for text-to-speech and face recognition are two examples

Voice recognition software attempts to identify "who" is speaking, whereas speech recognition software deals mainly with the meaning of what is being said.

The disadvantage of computer voice recognition is its unreliablity

Audio typing is done using speech recognition software to type... for example, you can use the soft ware to write a word document. I can say "I like speech recognition PERIOD" and it will look like "I like speech recognition."

Disadvantage transcribing.

for authentication purpose

Judith A. Markowitz has written: 'Voice ID source profiles' -- subject(s): Directories, Speech processing systems industry, Market surveys, Automatic speech recognition, Personal identification products industry 'Using Speech Recognition' -- subject(s): Speech processing systems, Automatic speech recognition

data flow diagram for voice recognition

I imagine you can either download it or upgrade and get a windows 7 computer which comes with recognition.

Yes you can, but it depends on the laptop and the software it is running. Some operating systems include speech recognition software, EG Windows 7.To find this in Windows 7, press or click the Windows Start button, then type "speech" (without quotes) into the search box. Windows speech recognition software will appear in the list, click on it or press enter while highlighted to start it.From the Microsoft website:What can I do with Speech Recognition?You can use your voice to control your computer. You can say commands that the computer will respond to, and you can dictate text to the computer.Before you get started using WindowsSpeech Recognition, you'll need to connect a microphone to your computer. Once you've got the microphone set up, you can train your computer to better understand you by creating a voice profile that your computer uses to recognize your voice and spoken commands. For information about setting up your microphone, see Set up your microphone for Speech Recognition.After you've got your microphone and voice profile set up, you can use Speech Recognition to do the following:Control your computer.Speech Recognition listens and responds to your spoken commands. You can use Speech Recognition to run programs and interact with Windows. For more information about the commands you can use with Speech Recognition, see Common commands in Speech Recognition.Dictate and edit text.You can use Speech Recognition to dictate words into word-processing programs or to fill out online forms in a web browser. You can also use Speech Recognition to edit text on your computer. For more information about dictating text, see Dictate text using Speech Recognition.NoteSpeech Recognition is available only in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.Source: setting it up, and sometimes some practise, using this software also enables you to dictate text and select and click on items, or open a program for example.Common commands in speech recognition: could also try searching the internet for voice recognition software.

Speech Recognition takes the user's words and converts them into text or commands on the computer. Therefore, it is an input device.

Yes. This can be done through the use of Speech Recognition software. An example of speech recognition software that can do this is 'Dragon Naturally Speaking'.

By analyzing sound waves.

The Dragon speech recognition software allows someone to control their computer by using their voice. It allows you to complete a variety of computer tasks.

Speech recognition programs have trouble with "blue" because of the "bl" diphthong at the beginning and the different pronunciations of certain dialects.

First of all, this question is not about Google Chrome, so please put your questions in suitable category. Second, Speech recognition softwares work on WAVES. They store all the basic speech letters as waves in their database (or any other store). After than when speech is made, it is matched with database contents to get appropriate letters/words. To get the whole idea, search for following tags in Google: speech recognition code speech recognition waves speech Have a nice day! Pradip

As long as the speech recognition software is Windows-based, you should have no problems getting it to work on a Dell computer. This is because it is a PC and not a Mac.

Have a look at the line offered by Naturally Speaking by Dragon. It's one of the first speech recognition programs and Dragon has done a nice job keep up with the technology: has free downloads for speech recognition for a free 30 day trial. After the 30 days you will be able to purchase a license for $14.00 and keep the subscription for the speech recognition software.

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