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A red dot is usually a sympthom of an insect bite. The red circle is usually an infection from that bite. Disinfect it and put an ice pack on it and if it doesn't get better, call your doctor.

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What is a rash with a red dot surrounded by a white ring?


Big Red dot on skin?


What are red circles with white dot on skin?


White circle with red dot in center of my back?

It could be ringworm.

Red circle mark with scale skin on top does not itch?

Skin leission

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What is a purpura?

A large, purplish-red circle on the skin. Caused by the leakage of blood out of a vessel and under the skin.

Red dot on skin?

it might be acne or a pimple but i use the nutra wave or proactive to make my skin clear a pimple/acne free.

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Chicken pox!!!!!! Answer was given by littlecamy!

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What is a red dot surrounded by a white ring?

Could it be a spider bite? I know sometimes some spider bites leave a red area with a white ring. Check with a doctor if you're unsure.

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The big red dot is a storm.

What does ring worm look like?

A red circle on your skin. See the related link for a photo.

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what is the big red dot called on Jupiter

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if im thinkind what you're thinking, (which I'm probably not) that's a polio vaccine scar

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What sgomtoms of diseases is ringworm?

Ringworm is actually a fungus. The tell tale sign is a red ring or rings on the skin with no dot in the center.

What does the sting sight of a saddleback caterpillar look like?

Like hives - raised rash like bumps surrounded by inflamed, red skin.

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A tiny dark red dot appeared on my bottome lip, what is it?

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