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What is a registered letter?

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A registered letter is one that is recorded and tracked throughout its time in the mail system and requires the mailman to obtain a signature in order to deliver it. Many contracts such as insurance policies and legal documents specify that notification must be in the form of a registered letter. By registering a letter, the sender has a legal document that indicates that the notice was delivered. If you say 'It's in the mail' you can actually prove that it is in the mail. It costs extra for the service.

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What does a registered letter look like?

A registered letter looks just like any other type of letter. The registered letter is sent through the mail as a registered piece of mail and will have a stamp/seal on it identifying it.

What are the release dates for The Registered Letter - 1913?

The Registered Letter - 1913 was released on: USA: 22 August 1913

How do you send a registered letter?

Go to the post office, tell them you want to send a registered letter, fill out the little card they give you, and pay the fee for sending it.

How is registered letter that was refused handled now What is next?

The letter will be returned to the sender.

Do you have to send a letter to New South Wales Australia by certified or registered mail?

No. There is no requirement to send a letter to anywhere in Australia by registered or certified mail unless the recipient specifies it.

Who has the letter R in their logo?

Any company that has registered their logo.

Can a registered letter be refused?

Yes, the recipient has the right to refuse it

How do you get storage fees for a car?

you would send a registered letter to the owner. Then if no response with in 7 days put a lean on the vehicle. You will need the plate and Bim number to do this with a copy of the registered letter.

Does a registered agent have to accept a certified letter on the companies behalf?


What is another word for registered voters that begins with the letter C?


What is the plate no letter meaning in the Philippines?

to know what is your car to be registered and others

How do you make the registered symbol?

It is a capital letter "R" contained within a circle.

What was the postage rate for a domestic registered letter in 1910?

1 penny I believe

How do you send registered mail to Canada?

You send it to an airport that will port the letter to Canada

How do you submit a hardship letter to landlord?

To submit a hardship letter to a landlord, begin by writing the letter. Make a copy of the letter and send it to the landlord by registered mail. This gives you a record of the receipt of the letter.

How do you send certified mail to Canada?

It is called registered mail not certified, you take it to the post office and ask the clerk to have your letter or parcel registered, there will be an extra fee tor this

What is another word for registered voters that begins with the letter e?

enroll or enlist electorate

How did they draft people for the Vietnam War?

Men registered for the draft; then they received a letter in the mail.

What is a politically uncommitted voter called in US beginning with the letter m?

They are registered as independents.

How long to send registered letter from Brazil to UK?

1 to 14 days or more

How long does it take for a registered letter to get from the us to Italy?

1 to 14 days or more

How are you able to contact credit bureaus?

You should write a letter to them and mail it "REGISTERED" from the post office.

How do you reply to a complaint from a customer that has registered it with the better business bureau?

when a business replies to your letter or complaint

How much to send a letter from Australia to Ireland?

The cost of air mailing a letter from Australia to Ireland is $2.60. A registered letter is about $22.00. It takes three to ten days for the transit.

How long does it take a registered letter to go from Virginia to Canada?

Registered mail is the slowest but most secure form of mail. Canada is a rather large place- depending on WHERE in Canada, a registered letter may take 3 weeks or more. Ask your postmaster if another form of mailing, such as return receipt, proof of delivery, or certified mail may be better to use.

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