What is a religion?

The modern use of the term "religion" is an organized or structured form of belief.

Why do Religions Exist

The existence of religions is related to philosophy, the study of how Man thinks and how he interacts with the world and other individuals. Religion, however, implies a Divine or mystical connection between Man, life, the universe, and Creation.

A religion is a group of spiritual beliefs by a person or an organized group. It is based on the interpretation of existence and creation that exceeds the physical world (i.e. the metaphysical). Over the course of human life on Earth, society has formed organized groups (churches and doctrines) among those with similar beliefs, and passed these beliefs to their descendants. In each generation, religions may evolve, or alter their policies, precepts, and rituals. New religions, or variations of older ones, will appear. Some will grow, some will fail, and some will be rediscovered. Each religion has its own concept of how its adherents should apply their faith to their lives, and the relationship of those lives to their creation; to eternity and the universe.

Because religions are based on faith, they cannot be objectively compared, only studied for their impact on the individual and on society. Conflicts between religions result because religious, moral beliefs are accorded preference by their believers. Individuals are often faced with serious decisions when their moral or religious beliefs do not coincide with the rights or beliefs of others, or the laws of society.

religion mean :- the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or any such system of belief and worship