What is a reverant on RuneScape?

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Revenants are powerful ghosts that hunt the wilderness on Runescape (Many players hunt these creatures, as a Runescape sport). They came out on December 10, 2007.

they were made to Replace pkers. There are many types of Revenants, if they can attack you, it depends on the wilderness level.. like this --

( combat level - wilderness level OR combat level + wilderness level)

look at the revenants level, if their level is in that range, then it will attack you.

Revenants can use: Melee, Magic (their strongest hits), and Range (they can also, freeze, and teleblock)

when you fight a Revenant, you wanna use good armour, (rune or better)

(As a Pro Revenant Hunter, and leader of a Revenant hunting clan) I have good experience in fighting Revenants. you will need "protect from mage" prayer on.

if you use D'hide continue using protect from mage, unless you have very good D'hide (most preferred black d'hide or better then you can use "protect from missile" prayer)

Submitted by:

God55 -- Revhunt god (in runescape, use these 2 users to get in my clan, if you wish to join a clan that revenant hunts, and does clan wars)

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