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What is a revolving account?


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{| |- | A revolving account is an account that requires a minimum payment each month in addition to a service charge. When the balance decreases, the service charge/interest also declines. To learn more about credit terms you can visit |}


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Yes, if the account type is considered a line of credit it will be calculated into your revolving account balance on your credit report.

Credit cards are revolving accounts. Whereas car loans and home loans are not. A revolving account is one where you can carry a balance and charge it back up as you pay it off.

It can be considered an open account or a written contract.

A credit card is a type of revolving credit, whereas a revolving credit account may or may not be a credit card. Revolving credit can also include other types of accounts, such as a revolving line of credit with a bank or a home equity line of credit.

A revolving department store credit card means that the interest accumulates monthly and the balance carries over. Most credit cards that are issued by a department store have this type of account.

Most credit cards are designed as a revolving credit account. You spend money from the card and every month you pay it back so you can again use the money. That is why credit card have monetary limits based on you income and credit history.

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Only two types of credit card accounts in consumer credit. This is when a store or company issues a card with credit line say $1000. 1st is revolving credit which is like MBNA, Capital One, MasterCard, Visa, Orchard Bank, etc. Anything can be purchased at any store. A charge account is like Macy's, Foleys, Wal-Mart, etc. only items at that specific store can be purchased. Good Luck.

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