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What is a rooster comb for?

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The roosters comb is like a tiny radiator. Blood comes close to the surface at the comb and wattles and air passing over these helps cool the blood. The comb and wattles also act as attractants to the females, a rooster with a good healthy comb is a potentially good mate.

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Do you kill a rooster to get the rooster comb injections?

When they get the injections from a rooster's comb, the rooster does have to be killed. They can get rid of a rooster's comb without killing it but it has to be on the first day that it is born.

Why does your rooster have a double comb?

It's called a rose comb usually a rooster breed from Spain.

What age will the rooster grow his comb?

The baby rooster will hatch with a tiny comb, which grows larger every day.

How do you cook rooster comb?

Before you cook rooster comb, they can be parboiled, skinned and left to braise overnight. Then the comb is cooked in court-bouillon, which is a flavored liquid.

At what age can you cut the comb off a rooster?

There are times when the comb would have to be trimmed on a rooster. Age has nothing to do with it. It's all about condition and need. Without a definite need, you would not cut the comb off a rooster. The comb regulates the heat of the bird and without it the bird will suffer in the hot temperatures. Cutting the comb also subjects the bird to possible infection.

What does a leghorn rooster look like?

A Leghorn rooster is a large white bird with a red comb.

Can a rooster live with out his comb?

I think so...not positive though...

How young does a rooster develop its comb?

The comb of a young rooster (cockerel) should start to show by the end of the first month and will grow much faster than the comb of a pullet. Keep in mind not all chickens have combs, it depends on the breed of chicken you have.

Why would a rooster have a green patch on its comb?

it has to be colourful to attract females.

What do you call the red top of the rooster head?

The red "skin" on a chickens head is called a comb there are several shapes identified by breeders such as the rose comb and the double comb.

Can you eat rooster combs?

A person or animal could eat rooster combs. There is no health concern or hazard. The rooster comb would not provide much nutritional value to a diet.

What is the name of the things that the rooster has on the head?

The thing on a rooster's head is called a comb.

Who has other comb like that of the rooster?

A turkey. Under the chin its called a Giblet.

What is the cockscomb?

The cockscomb is a crest or comb of a domestic cock or rooster as it is regularly called.

What is the difference between roosters and hens?

The hen is smaller and has a smaller tail, comb and wattle.The rooster is bigger has a larger tail, comb and wattle.

What are the lesions or sores on the Rooster Comb?

If your birds are free range and they can get under vehicles a drop of oil/grease from the undercarriage can cause sores on comb.

How do you cut a comb of a game rooster?

There is no medical reason to cut the comb of a game rooster. This is very painful and can cause a lot of bleeding. If the comb is cut and not cared for properly, it can cause infections and death. It is not advised to do this. Some people say that it is done to prevent frost bite. There is no danger in frost bite.

Is a rooster comb used in synvisc?

Yes, the comb of a rooster is used in the making of Synvisc because the proteins in it are much like the proteins produced in joint fluid. Synvisc is a medication used to treat pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee.

What is the biggest rooster breed?

South Indian Walnut Comb ASEEL A.K.A ASIL :)

Will a roosters comb grow back?

A rooster that has lost its comb will not be able to grow the comb back. Roosters and hens both do not have the ability to grow body parts back if they become decayed or injured.

How do you distinguish rooster from hen chicken?

the rooster will have a much bigger comb than a hen and longer legs and shiny feathers and has a much bigger tail...

How can you help a rooster that has a bloody comb?

You can take the rooster to the vet (i think)... I have never really ever heard of a rooster going to the vet but that is really all that you can do... unless you know how to bandage up something like that.

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