What is a safe ambient temperature for your computer?

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External case temperature should always be below 27*C (80*F), with the best temperatures around 18*C (65*F). Internal air temperature should be around 40*C (104*F), except for heatsinks, which require lower temperatures.

As long as you're using fans, don't be worried until case air temperature exceeds 55*C(130*F). At this point, both fans and passive coolers will be useless, and only liquid cooling will be able to safely protect your components.
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Where is the Ambient air temperature sensor located on a Nissan maxima?

I have a 2003 Maxima SE. The ambient air temp sensor is yellow and it is located inside the grill under the hood latch - between the round bells for the horn. You will need a pair of plyers to hold the top of the yellow piece and a small flat screwdriver to push the little tab that hold the two part ( Full Answer )

Where is the ambient air temperature sensor located in a 2001 jetta?

It is located under the rain tray on the outside of the car on the drivers side close to the wall. Pull off the wipers, then take the plastic rain tray off. It is located far left (drivers side) with a 2 pin plug to it.. It is located under the rain tray on the outside of the car on the drivers sid ( Full Answer )

How does WBGT relate to ambient temperature?

WBGT is an aggregate temperature reading that takes into consideration wet globe temperature (humidity), dry globe temperature (solar radiation) and ambient temperature. There is a formula that is used to add these measurements together that produces a number known as the WBGT Heat Index. The Heat I ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between ambient temperature and temperature?

Ambient refers to the temperature of the surrounding air, i.e not at parking lot level etc. Ambient means the temperature not being effected by mechanical means, like AC or any heat source. example, if you serve a wine at ambient temperature, it is not a specific number it is what ever the room is a ( Full Answer )

How do you reset an ambient temperature gauge on a Buick Park Ave?

Late 90's Buicks with analog gauges, but digital readouts for temperature and radio settings do not have a simple button or switch to change the temperature readout from Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F) or vice versa. The battery must be disconnected which will erase the radio and temprature co ( Full Answer )

How safe are you on the computer?

Now that technology is rapidly growing and advancing, so are it's users. Some of these users are hackers, spammers, and virus inflictions. The best way to stay safe on the Web is to never give out personal information (Social security, credit card, email, etc) to sites you have not done business wit ( Full Answer )

What does ambient temperature mean?

The definition of ambient temperature is the temperature of the airin the surrounding environment. This term is often used inassociation with the air surrounding a power supply or coolingsystem.

The definition of ambient temperature is?

the temperature of the surrounding environment; technically, the temperature of the air surrounding a power supply or cooling medium.

What is the function of the ambient temperature sensor?

The Ambient Temperature sensor collects the information about the outside air temperature and feeds it to the ECU. This information is needful coz the air to fuel ratio is decided and fed to the engine accordingly. During this operation the injectors lets the desired amount of air into the engine to ( Full Answer )

Why does the ambient temperature need to be measured before and after the experiment?

You measure the ambient temperature before the experiment in case the experiment is sensitive to ambient temperature. You want to record all of the environmental factors that might affect the experiment before starting it.. You measure the ambient temperature after the experiment for the same rea ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of ambient temperature?

Ambient temperature is a term which refers to the temperature in aroom, or the temperature which surrounds an object underdiscussion. Though the ambient temperature hovered at 55F degrees, Floridiansshivered in what they called "the cold". In the furnace room, the ambient temperature reached above ( Full Answer )

Ambient temperature and water temperature difference?

Ambient air temperature and the temperture of water bodies haveminimal relations. Cld air or water will lower the temperature ofthe other, Warm water coools as it evaporates into the sir. Coolingair drops moisyure as ith becomes less humid and the precipitationchanges the temperature of the receivin ( Full Answer )

7 How do homeotherms respond when ambient temperature falls below body temperature?

Clearly no clear answer to this question. It depends on the group of animal, sometimes even differs on population or individual level. There are animals who just minimize temperature loss by reducing blood flow in non-vital organs, e.g. humans do so. (Also, they might shiver, get goose pimples etc. ( Full Answer )

Where is ambient temperature sensor?

This is not a direct answer. The ambient temp sensor location is different from car to car based on Make Model year and engine. This sensor is located to measure the air temperature so the engine injection, anti-lock brakes, transmission shift and safety features all work. On most Pontiac Fieros thi ( Full Answer )

How do you close the circuit on an ambient temperature sensor?

If you are reading a code with the description "ambient temp. sensor open" that means that the sensor or the wiring to the sensor is open or broken. The sensor will have to be replaced or the wiring to the sensor repaired. Have it troubleshot prior to just throwing parts at it.

Ambient temperature chart for r-22?

Pressure Temperature Table * = Vacuum in "Inches of Mercury" (in Hg) . Temp. F . R-22- PSIG . R-123- PSIG . R-134a- PSIG . R-410A- PSIG . 60 . 101.62 . 11.08* . 57.43 . 170.7 . 62 . 105.39 . 10.23* . 60.03 . 175.0 . 64 . 109.26 . 09.36* . 62.70 . ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between ambient temperature and room temperature?

Ambient temperature is the temperature of the air around you, inside or outside. "Room temperature" is a non-specific temperature, normally between 20 and 25°C (68 to 77° F), generally used to indicate that an article should neither be refrigerated nor heated. Ambient temperature will mean t ( Full Answer )

How does an ambient air temperature sensor work?

it uses outside air temperature to calculate the temperature of theair taken into the engine so that the engine can combust asefficiently as possible, obviously correlating & teamingreadings from other sensors such as lambda/throttleposition/manifold actual pressure/mass air flow etc.

How do you safe your computer?

There is not a particular way to be safe on a computer. The bestway to protect yourself without Antivirus software is go on trustedwebsites and do not click on things that you would not trustyourself. You also need to invest into security software if you areusing the computer for business.

Why is aluminum cooler than ambient temperature?

The molecular structure (metallic bonding) makes it a very poor conductor of heat, so we perceive it as cold when we touch it. I think. This is almost correct. The reason why you perceive the aluminum to be colder is that it is a good conductor of heat. Therefore, when you touch it, the aluminum ( Full Answer )

Is the ambient temperature in a 1300 petrol engine high or low?

The ambient temperature in this case refers to the temperature outside the engine. This is relevant for calculations related to heat engine. The ambient temperature will of course vary, but it is usually somewhere around 300 K.

What is the ambient temperature in a normal refrigerator?

The temperature that one should keep a refridgerator at is about 40 degress fahrenheit. Some models may require other temperatures, so it is recommended that one checks the inside panel with safety information on it.

Is ambient temperature room temperature?

Simply put, ambient temperature is the temperature that surrounds a point of interest. It is the average temperature in the area of focus. For instance, if we were inside an industrial complex and we were examining the ambient temperature of a large room we would have to consider what is contributin ( Full Answer )