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Someone/something changed the original question and that is probably why it has not been answered.

Safe levels for chlorine are 1.5 ppm to about 5.0 ppm. of free chlorine. You should have a test kit that will give you free chlorine readings as opposed to just a chlorine residual. Free chlorine is what sanitizes the pool water. If you can smell a chlorine odor coming from your pool then you do not have enough chlorine in the water.


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How does chlorine help people?

Chlorine is a chemical that helps purify swimming pool water to make it safe for people who are in it.

Is it safe to go swimming in a pool when the ph is good but the chlorine isn't high enough yet?

It is safe. That just means that the chlorine is not actively killing bacteria. It would be unsafe if there was too much chlorine.

Who has any information on how effective chlorine free swimming pools are?

No sanitizer? Not safe! Especially for females.

What is free chlorine in a swimming pool?

chlorine in a swimming pool that is free.

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria?

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria ?

Is Clorox bleach safe to use in swimming pools?

Yes, except that Clorox bleach (or any other grocery-store liquid chlorine bleach) is not very concentrated. It would cost a LOT to add enough Clorox to be effective in a swimming pool. The chlorine granules sold specifically for sanitizing water in hot tubs or swimming pools are much more cost-effective. For the record, chlorine is poisonous in high concentrations, whether in the form of gas, granules or liquid. But when properly diluted in a swimming pool (or municipal water supply), chlorine is safe.

Is it safe to get in chlorine water with a relaxed hair?

No. Not at first, anyway. Do not go swimming immediately or soon after having your hair relaxed.

Where do you get chlorine from?

swimming pool

How much chlorine does the average swimming pool need?

An average swimming poolneeds 7 and 8 pH of chlorine.

Will swimming in swimming pools get rid of chiggers because of the chlorine?


What will cause a chlorine lock in a swimming pool?

No such thing as chlorine lock.

Why have chlorine in swimming pool?

To disinfect it.

Why it is necessary to add chlorine to swimming pool water?

It is necessary because the chlorine kills all of the germs that enter the swimming pool.

Why is chlorine good for swimming?

Chlorine is not so much good for swimming but it is good for keeping the water free from harmful microorganisms, economically.

What happens if there is not enough chlorine in a swimming pool?

The problem in a swimming pool with not enough amount of chlorine is that the harmfull bacteria wiil be not killed.

Can you catch a disease from swimming?

You can get sick from swimming in polluted water. This is why swimming pools have chlorine in their water. It is save, theoretically, to swim in an unpolluted pond or lake, but the water should be tested because it is not possible actually to know the water is safe otherwise.

How do you get free chlorine up in your swimming pool?

Shock it follow directions on the package and make sure no one swims until the chlorine is at a safe level 1-3 ppm (parts per million)

What level of chlorine is too high for safe swimming?

Generally it is 3ppm or under . Most recreational places Over Chlorinate as a precaution and is generally safe but can cause irritation of the skin eyes etc.

Is it safe for animals to drink from a chlorine treated swimming pool?

My brother has a salt water pool which is a chlorine treated pool and his dog seems to prefer drinking out of the pool been doing it for years and is perfectly healthy.

Does swimming in saltwater or swimming pool damage your skin?

well swimming in saltwater is okay because saltwater is like natural water for our bodies. and with swimming pools, it has chlorine. all chlorine does is try to make the water as pure as possible. but chlorine has a weird smell and it can damage some parts but not that much.

Why is chlorine used in swimming pools?

Chlorine is used in swimming pools for a few reasons. The most common are: 1. Chlorine acts as a mild disinfectant, it makes swimming in the water a more sanitary activity. 2. Chlorine also inhibits the growth of algae. Without chlorine, most pools would be green within a few days.

What is the shape of chlorine?

ANSWER:Chlorine is a poisonous, yellowish-green gas with a strong unpleasant odor. Chlorine is used in a liquid form, and has no actual shape.Some of the uses from chlorine compounds would include:To kill bacteria in water, to make it safe for drinking or safe for swimming pools.Produce paper, plastics, insecticides, cleaning fluids, and antifreeze.Also, the manufacture of medicines, paints, and petroleum products.

What are the necessary component of swimming pool?


Where you can find chlorine from your surrounding?

Swimming pools

Does temperature affect chlorine in a swimming pool?

the higher the temp the quicker the chlorine loss