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Safe Slide SpeedI would say go with a slide that is the proper size for your child to be able to control the speed of the slide. Any child under 8 should not use one of the slides that are bigger than five foot. Talk with your child's doctor for more advice. There are toddler slides for toddlers now, I think.
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Q: What is a safe speed for a child on a slide?
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A 21.2 kg child descends a slide 3.5 m high and reaches the bottom with a speed?

The answer depends on the incline (slope) of the slide. And, if you want a more realistic answer, a measure of the friction between the child and the slide.

A 21.2 kg child descends a slide 3.5 m high and reaches the bottom with a speed of 2.1 ms How?

Gravity x length of slide ,+ unknown factors of slide material

When does a child on a slide have its maximum kinetic energy?

If the slide has no friction, then at the bottom of the slide. If it does then it's when the child is going the fastest.

How can you slide down the slide faster?

Make the slide steeper Furniture polish on the slide will speed it up.

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What is the coefficient of friction between a playground slide and a child if the child accelerates down the slide at 1.16 meters per second squared and the slide is inclined 31 degrees?


A 22kg child descends a slide 4.5m high and reaches the bottom with a speed of 2.5ms. How much thermal energy due to friction was generated in this process?

Use conservation of energy to solve this one. Calculate the gravitational potential energy at the top, and the kinetic energy at the bottom. The difference has been lost to friction, i.e., converted to thermal energy.

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Is friction useful when you are on a slide?

if there was no friction on a slide, you would gain speed and slide off and depending on the slide (such as a water slide) kill yourself. too much friction makes it boring.

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That child is about to fall off of the slide and collide with another child!

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Can you ride up a child slide with a dirt bike?

A dirt bike can be able to go up a kids slide

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If the child has asthma, it is not safe.

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A child waiting on the top of a slide.

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