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Members of the phylum Sarcodina, or sarcodines, move via temprorary cytoplasmic projections known as pseudopods (SOO-doh-pahdz). Sarcodines are animallike protists that use pseudopods for feeding and movement. The most common known sarcodines are the amoebas, which are flexible, active cells with thick pseudopods that extend out of the central mass of the cell.

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How does a sarcodine get food?

A sarcodine like amoeba get food by extending pseudopods on each side of the food. They join together to trap the food inside.

A sarcodine engulfs food by?

surrounding the food with pseudopodia

Which sarcodine has a shell made of calcium carbonate?


What if you eat the sarcodine?

if you eat it you will be dead or have something that will be bad for you

How does a sarcodine engulf food?

It surrounds the food with pseudopodia.

Is paramecium a sarcodine or sporozoa ciliate euglenoid or slime mold?

Paramecium is located in the phylum ciliophora.

Is sarcodine a autotroph or heterotroph?

Most are heterotrophs. They feed on other animals to obtain the nutrients they need to live.

How does sarcodine get food?

When the ends of two pseudopods fuse, they form a food vacuole. Food is broken down inside the food vacuole in the cytoplasm.

Organism that moves by the means of pseudopods?

Amoebas move by means of pseudopodia, or the sarcodine protozoa. This characteristic movement involves the extrusion of the cytoplasm for movement or for feeding by engulfing food.

How a sarcodine such as an amoeba gets food?

Sarcodines also use pseudopods to trap food. The organisms extends a pseudopod on each side of the food particle. The two pseudopods then join together, trapping the particle inside CREDITS TO: NORTH CAROLINA 8TH GRADE PRENTICE HALL SCIENCE EXPLORER

How does an ameoba get food?

the amoeba is a animal like protists, or protozoan, classified as a sarcodine because of its movement. the amoeba eats and moves with pseudopods. (Pseudopods from the Greek word ψευδοπόδια, ψευδός "fake, false" + πόδια"feet") the pseodopods will wrap around the targeted food source and absorb the molecules.the pseudopods move the cell by shifting the organelles and weight of the cell.