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What is a satellite receiver?


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A satellite TV receiver is needed in order to view satellite programming. Additionally, a satellite dish is needed in order for the receiver to decode digital signals which then allows you to watch TV.

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The satellite is in space, the satellite receiver is on Earth. The rain is in the atmosphere between the satellite and the receiver. The more rain, the more of the signal from the satellite will be used up by the atmosphere on its way down instead of reaching the receiver.

as long as your old tv has an AV (audio/video) input, you can connect the satellite dish in to your old tv. You will be needing a satellite receiver box to get signals from a satellite dish. The satellite dish will be connected to your satellite receiver and the satellite receiver will be connect to you old TV.

It is a free to air receiver, used for picking up free satellite signals.

You will be needing a satellite tv receiver box to get signals from your satellite dish. A coaxial cable will be connected from your satellite dish and to your satellite receiver box. Once it is connected, an AV cable or HDMI cable will be used to connect the satellite receiver box to your standard tv or HDTV.

to be able for the satellite tv to work you need the following equipments:satellite dishreceivertvsatellite dish gets the satellite analog signals from the satellites outside the world and is transmitted to the receiver. the receiver then converts this analog signals to digital signals then it is displayed to your tv.

The Yamaha R-S700 is their best stereo receiver with Sirius satellite capability. It is not a surround receiver.

Connect the satellite receiver to the surround receiver. You can then use the receiver to switch between this source and the the DVD or Blu-Ray player.

A satellite receievr, is a tv receiver, which connects to the satellite anntena, than to your tv, and decodes the information coming from the satellite signal into video and audio signal, so you can watch tv channels.

Some inclimate weather can cause satellite receiver interuption. If it is snowing heavily and the snow is building up on your satellite receiver it can cause the picture to be disrupted or cut off completely.

You can't get a signal to your TV without a receiver box. The receiver decodes the signal for the channel from the satellite to your TV.

The largest satellite receiver is in the Arecibo Observatory. This particular satellite receiver is the same one that is in the movie Contact with Jody Foster. It is 1000 ft in diameter, 167 ft deep, and is sat on around twenty acres.

Hello Sir I would like to know how to upgrade the 4260 strong receiver satellite. Best regards Amir.

From the Satellite TV Providers, they transmit satellite tv signals by using a device that converts a digital signal to analog signal. This box sends it to the satellite dish of the provider to the satellite. When a subscriber switch channel, the satellite dish installed to his receiver then requests a signal from the satellite. The satellite receives the signal from the subscribers satellite dish. The satellite sends the analog signal which came from the provider the requesting satellite dish. The receiver converts this analog signal to digital signal so that the signal can be viewed to the television which is connected from the receiver.

You can find a circuit diagram of most digital satellite receivers at many electronic stores. You can also get the diagram from the satellite receiver manufacturer.

Depending on if you have Dish Network Satellite or another provider, visit their website they will have instructions on how to hook up your receiver. Generally, their is a satellite input (coming from the satellite dish) and an output for your TV.

check first your satellite receiver if there is an HDMI jack. connect your HDMI cables from your satellite receiver to your tv tuner. if you don't have the HDMI jack, check the AV output jack. connect the AV cables from your satellite receiver to your tv tuner. you can use either AV or HDMI.

Audiovox Xpress RC Satellite Radio Receiver is the best satellite radio receiver and you can pick it up for as low as $119.98. With Audiovox Xpress RC Satellite Radio Receiver you can pause and replay up to 60 minutes of your favorite XM programming and save up to 10 songs to listen to later on.

A satellite receiver can be aimed in any direction if it's a swivel type of receiver or a hand held type of receiver. A mounted or fixed receiver cannot because it hasn't been designed with the capability to change direction. Usually a good receiver for televisions, telescopes, and other devices will have the ability to change their position.

One can purchase an inexpensive satellite radio receiver from any outlet store that sells electronics and appliances as well as online at websites that sell satellite radio receivers.

For a laptop (or any computer) to receive signals from a satellite you must add a receiver card. This could be external (USB interface) or internal (PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a regular PC). The receiver card has to be fed signals from a satellite antenna or a satellite dish with amplifier converter, known as an LNB. You do not say what signal you want from the satellite. You can watch TV or download data using a satellite receiver card, for this you will need a subscription with a satellite ADSL provider, who will also offer you the card and the software.

Our LNBs connected to the dish sends the signal from the satellite in space, which the receiver decodes so you get the picture for the channel you want to watch. A shaw receiver doesn't have the coding to decipher our signal.

Here is a detailed satellite receiver buying guide that you can refer to. This provides information about the types of receivers and also helps you compare prices.

Call your Satellite TV provider. If you have satellite receivers, they will likely ask for numbers on the back or bottom of the box; if your satellite receiver is hooked up to your TV, they may be able to talk you through getting the numbers off your television screen providing the receiver is powered on.

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