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The domestic goat is "Capra hircus".

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What is the scientific name for opal?

The scentific name for opal is oplelap

What is the scentific name for a guitar?

There is no specific name for it but it is a member of the "Chordophone" Family.

What is the scentific name of grass?

grassamendo oxicarbinated hydrograss

What is a scientific name for kelp?

giner primus is the scentific name for Kelp. ( I think)

What is zoological name of a goat?

zoological name of goat

What is the name of prims goat?

Lady is the name of the goat.

What is the scentific name of a Gorilla?

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla. yes it really is

What is the scentific name for a parrot?

psittacines, the true parrots, and cacatuidae, the cockatoos.

What is a scentific name for an German shepherd?

Canis Familious is for a domestic dog.

What is the name of a baby goat?

A baby goat is called a "kid".A kidWhat name of baby goat

What is the latin name for goat?

a He-goat is Caper. A She-goat is Capra

What is the genus name for goat?

The genus name for a goat is a Capra.

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