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Russia wanted the other Allies to invade Europe and put pressure on the Axis from another direction. This would mean that Germany would have to divide their forces as well as supplies. If the Germans didn't do that the British, Americans and Canadians could march unopposed into Germany. The landing at D-Day created the second front the Russians wanted.

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Q: What is a second front in World War 2?
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What Allied leader pleaded for a second front during World War 2?

the birds were beautiful

Who was the second person to die in World War 2?

the second person to die in world war 2 was your mum

What was the second war front in World War 2?

If this is what you meant, Stalin wanted the US and Britain to open a seccond front in the East to help take some of the pressure off of his troops.

What was operation sledge hammer in World War 2?

A plan for the Western allies to open the second front in France in 1942.

What Allied leader was asking for a second front in World War 2 and why?

Joseph Stalin needed a second front opened to draw off German Forces and to ease the pressure that was being placed on the USSR.

Who were the eastern front in world war 2?

The Eastern Front of World War Two was in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

What was the two front war in World War 2?

Asia and Australia

What was happening at the same time as the holocaust?

One of the main things was the Second World War.

Was the choice of Normandy France as the second front of World War 2 unavoidable?

yes the allies needed to move men and equipment quickly

What were the theaters in World War 2?

Eastern Front, Italy and from D-Day on, Normandy, France, Belgium, etc.

What happend in 1992 in World War 2?

The Second World War had finished by 1945.

What were the two fronts of world war 2?

The European Front and the Pacific Front.