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A discursive sentence is one that is rambling or verbose, as opposed to concise and clear.

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Use Discursive in a sentence?

The political candidate was discursive when asked what his position was on poverty.

A sentence with the word discursive?

The thesis submitted by him is a livelier, more candid and contains more discursive treatment of the subject.

How do you use discursive in a sentence?

The politician did not want to take sides on the subject of abortion, so used his discursive manner to avoid it.

Can you give a sentence with discursive in it?

Adam started to behave very discursive when a cute girl walked by. He was even tripping over his own feet.

What is adjective for discourse?


What is body topic sentence?

its a sentence that you present at the begining of your paragraph whilst writing discursive essays. for example: Everything should have a copyright label at the front and back. then you argue for and against that point.

How to start a discursive essay?

When writing a discursive essay, you should keep in mind that its style is more impersonal and formal in comparison with other assignment types. Start with an introduction the topic. Discuss each essay question in a single paragraph. Begin each paragraph with a powerful issue sentence

What type of poem is Death be not proud?


What is a discursive essay?

Discursive psychology is, a study that use language in order to negotiate and mange social intarractions, in order to achieve interpersonal objective. By IBI TOLLLY This doesn't answer his question...

What is a discursive poem?

A poem that is essayistic in nature and presents an argument

What is discursive writing?

Discursive writing attempts to give both sides of a topic or issue. Etymologically, it goes "back and forth" across a subject, covering all aspects or points of view.

What does discursive mean?

proceeding to a conclusion by reason or argument rather than intuition

What is a koan How does it lead to enlightenment?

Because it actually does. By eliminating the problem - the discursive mind.

What does discoursive mean?

Discursive is digressing from subject to subject. This is used all the time.

What are the two kinds of essay?

There are more than to kinds; discursive, imaginative, persuasive, Comparison :)

What is discursive knowledge?

Knowledge gained without proof, by a direct contemplation of truth, (Marxism)

8 What type of poem is Death Be Not Proud?

just took exam... answer was D. Discursive

What ends with e and fourth letter is c and is a 10-letter word?


What is a discursive memoir?

The discursive memoir is usually one that discusses topics and events in a non-linear fashion. Frequently, the discussion jumps from topic to topic or thought to thought, instead of marching through events in a sequenced manner from beginning to end.

Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds' is an example of which type of poem A. Narrative B. discursive C. Dramatic D. Descriptive?

c. dramatic^^^^^^^^^^^^^ wrong.I just took the test and got it wrong. It's actually DISCURSIVE.

What is a discursive essay topic?

discussing an issue,proceeding to a conclusion through reason rather than intuition

What are the features of discursive writing?

it includes for and against do not give ur opinion till the conclusion make it realistic.

Is a discursive speech interesting or boring?

I know that is is very boring because lots of people talk like that

What is 10 letter word for vague?

perplexing, inexplicit, impalpable, indefinite, polysemous, multivocal, discursive, digressive, palavorous, indistinct, unspecific

What has the author Alexa Hepburn written?

Alexa Hepburn has written: 'Discursive Research in Practice' -- subject(s): Nonfiction, Psychology, OverDrive