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Golf balls were dimpled as the dimples was found to cause the golf balls to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

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Q: What is a sentence for dimpled?
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How to construct a sentence using dimpled chin?

The dimpled chin of Kirk Douglas is world-renowned. Your dimpled chin has more of a cleft than a simple dimple.

What is a sentence using the word dimpled?

Dimpled golf balls were found to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

Why was the ceiling of the Pantheon dimpled like a golf ball?

The ceiling of the Pantheon was dimpled "like a golf ball" to relieve stress from the dome.

Why do oranges have a dimpled skin surface?

God made them that way. The real question you are asking is "What are the advantages of an orange's dimpled skin." The answer lies in golf balls. Why are golf balls dimpled? It turns out that dimpled objects tend to be more aerodynamically favored. Therefore, an orange will be more aerodynamically favored with it's dimpled skin so I guess it doesn't get blown off the tree more easily cause air flows past it without causing as much resistance

How is a dimpled softball softer than an actual softball?

a dimpled ball is used mainly for machines, it is made of a porous material and is more giving when hit.

Is a butt chin and a dimpled chin the same?


What are dimpled softballs for training made of?

carbonized plastic

What muscle results in a dimpled chin?

None. A dimpled chin is the result of a dip or cleft in the bone of the jaw. It's a genetically inherited trait that can't be developed by exercise.

What are words to describe that start with D?

dimpled despicable deceitful

What were George Bush's crimes?

Not counting all the dimpled chads.

Why is a golf ball dimpled?

it is because of the wind andvelocity it travels

What are the main differences between the inheritance patterns for a dimpled chin and for height?


Mad Gab Aid hymn pulled gin?

A dimpled chin a dimple chin

Why heat transfer is increased in dimple surfaces?

Theory: Dimpled surfaces have a larger surface area.

336 dimples on a regulated golf ball helps in?

This web site explains why Why are golf balls dimpled? Updated 1997 by PEG. Updated 1993 by CDF. Original by Craig DeForest. Why are Golf Balls Dimpled? The dimples, paradoxically, do increase

People are more likely to vote if they feel that what?

Their vote counts. (Rember all those dimpled chads!)

People are more likely to vote if they feel that?

Their vote counts. (Rember all those dimpled chads!)

How do you clean a dimpled fiberglass bathtub?

I have tried soaft scrub, regular scouring powder, soap scum removers, etc. and nothing really gets all the soap scum off our dimpled fiberglass tub. However, my husband said he used WD-40 and it worked great.

Is there such a thing as a dimpled baseball bat?

YES!!! Dimpled bats were made by Jeff DiTullio, he got his idea from golfballs. The bat swings faster and reduces the drag made when you swing. This means that the air behind the bat is less and the dimples help the bat move faster through the air. Major League Baseball could have used it but then they changed the rules as soon as they heard there was a new bat out. Now the rules state that all bats have to be smooth, they also prohibit any type of "experimental" bat. But you NEVER know. Someday DiTullio's dimpled bat may be able to be used and fans of the dimpled bat everywhere will all shout "Play Ball!!"

What are some adjectives that describe a golf ball?

Adjectives that describe a golf ball include round, white, hard, strong, dimpled, and dangerous.

Can cellulose cause cellulite and zits?

Cellulose is another name for wood or paper, and has no relation to fatty, dimpled deposits on your thighs- other than a similarity of spelling.

Is a pepper corn considered a fruit?

Pepper corn is a Spice - a small black dimpled grain and is available in powdered form as black pepper and white pepper.

Whats the best method of basement waterproofing?

Superseal Dimpled Membrane is the best method of basement waterproofing. It keeps mud, water and dirt away from your foundation.

Do batting cage machine balls damage composite bats?

Remember there are different weights of the balls. Slow pitch, fastpitch and dimpled batting cage balls all have different weights. With any composite bat used in the batting cages aren't reccumended. It may create a mild dent in your bat. If you have a fastpitch composite bat, DO NOT USE IN THE BATTING CAGES WITH THE DIMPLED BALLS.

What is a dimple ball used for in hockey?

Almost all balls used in modern hockey are dimpled. They help prevent hydroplaning when on water and keep the flight stable when in the air.

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