What is a sentence for militia?


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A couple of men who were militias were told to fight in the Revolutionary War.

In the US, the militia is entirely voluntary.

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The militia were called out to help the police.

Militia is civil soldiers. militia helps army when required.

The militia was called into service to repel the attacking army. The Minutemen were the early militia for the colonists.

It's almost time to call in the militia!

"People in a militia have no pay, i think," Frank said to his friend.

We're looking for a fervent patriot to enlist in our militia.

C'mon boy, be a good patriot and join the militia with me.

The militia advanced on us as we turned away and fled in terror.

"We were pinned down, enemies all around us. Then out of no where the militia came to aid."

Most of the continental army was made up of militia until they were trained in Valley Forge.

The colonial militia consisted of ordinary citizens who served as soldiers. A governor is normally the commander of his state militia or National Guard. The federal government has had clashes with various paramilitary militia groups.

The militia were comprised of small groups of local men. Most militia units in Colonial America never fought in any war.

A rider was sent to arise the militia.

Daniel Morgan was a patriot from Virginia who formed a militia of marksmen who were known as "Morgan's Riflemen".

As a lieutenant-colonel in the Norfolk militia he was obliged to take part in the military exercises of the neighborhood and to muster troops.

He had been contacted by the underground. They militia was contacted by Paul Revere.

The synonym for "militia" is "army".

A body of citizen soilders is called a militia! A body of citizen soilders is called a militia!

No. The Illinois Militia is a private organization. The ING is a state militia, but is in no way associated with the "Illinois Militia."

The Poolesville Militia is currently commanded by Daniel Kator, formerly Colonel but now Commander of the Militia because of a reorginization of the militia rank structure. will give you more information about the Poolesville Militia.

Beats Militia are from London, England

There were many great rebellions, but none like shays rebellion. Shays' Rebellion was a militia uprising.

As of 2014, the militia is still referred to as the "militia." It is used to describe a group of citizen soldiers.

Another name for a militia is a reserve.

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