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Soil conservation is methods of ways to protect the soil from being moved to different places.

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Q: What is a sentence for soil conservation?
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How conservation of dam help in soil conservation?

how do dams help soil conservation

What what's the management of soil to prevent it's destruction?

It's called soil conservation.

What are some types of soil conservation?

There are three types of soil conservation: countour plowing, conservation plowing, and crop rotation.

What does soil conservation accomplish?

Soil conservation protects soil from from various factors such as erosion. The benefits of conserving soil are ensuring soil organisms, such as the earthworm, remains unharmed. Soil conservation also maintains a good soil PH which ensures that things such as crops continue to grow.

What is the prevention of soil erosion called?

Soil conservation.

What has the author R P C Morgan written?

R. P. C. Morgan has written: 'Soil Conservation' 'Soil erosion and conservation' -- subject(s): Soil conservation, Soil erosion 'Erosion y Conservacion del Suelo' 'Soil erosion in the United Kingdom'

What has the author C Tim Osborn written?

C. Tim Osborn has written: 'The Conservation Reserve Program' -- subject(s): Agricultural conservation, Agriculture and state, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (U.S.), Conservation Reserve Program (U.S.), History, Soil bank program, Soil conservation, Soil conservation projects, Statistics

What term describes the management of soil to prevent?

Soil Conservation

What are some benefits of soil and water conservation?

soil and plants

How are soil conservation and erosion the same?

Not at all the same. Erosion moves soil whereas conservation tries to keep it from moving.

Which of these choices is a goal of the Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act?

To assess the conservation of soil and water resources on private lands

What has the author E M Rowalt written?

E. M. Rowalt has written: 'Soil and water conservation in the Pacific Northwest' -- subject(s): Soil conservation, Water conservation, Soil erosion 'Soil defense of range and farm lands in the Southwest' -- subject(s): Land use, Rural, Rangelands, Rural Land use, Soil conservation