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Example sentence - He was quite cowardly when it came to his teen children.

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Q: What is a sentence for the word cowardly?
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How can you use the word cowardly in a sentence?

AnswerHe behaved in a cowardly manner.AnswerIt was cowardly of him not to defend his friend when the latter was being beaten.

How can you use the word cowardly?

A cowardly man runs from danger.

What is the comparative form of the word coward?

The comparative form of cowardly is more cowardly. The superlative form would be most cowardly.

What is the adverb of cowardice?

The closest adverb form of the word "cowardice" is cowardly.An example sentence is: "he cowardly hid under his bed from the butterfly that had flew into his room".

What does the word cowardly mean?

Lacking courage. See the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

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How do you use pusillanimous in a sentence?

Ernest Hemingway due to his absence of cowardliness, can not be called pusillanimous.Answerpusillanimous is a word which means cowardly and weak. It is a character word which always implies flaws in the person's makeup. "Mark's pusillanimous actions declared him to be a traitor to his friends."

How do you use spineless in a sentence?

The word "spineless" is an old word for cowardly. You may still hear it now and then: "I don't understand why Senator Smith is acting in such a spineless way. Why doesn't he stand up for what he believes?"

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