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I will eventually answer your question.

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Q: What is a sentence for the world eventually?
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Can you give me a sentence using the word eventually?

* I'll eventually figure out how to answer this question. * Eventually, the ice cream will melt. * Eventually, you'll figure out that this has nothing to do with Biology. * There was eventually a black president. * Eventually, the world will run out of fossil fuel.

Can you give a sentence with eventually in it?

Eventually, Katherine will own the house.

How could you use eventually in a sentence?

You just did. Eventually, everyone will use the word eventually

What sentence can you make with word eventually?

I will go to India one day Eventually.

I need to write a question with disinterest and eventually in them what should i write?

I need to write a sentence with Disinterest and Eventually in it what should i write?I need to write a sentence with Disinterest and Eventually in it what should i write?

How to make a sentence with eventually?

If you think hard enough, EVENTUALLY you will be able to answer your question. Eventually, you will get the A in your class. I will eventually reach home, etc., etc.

How can you make a sentence using the word eventually?

If you keep practicing the piano, eventually you will learn how to play it.

What is a sentence for the word grievous?

Eventually, she succumbed to her grievous wounds.

What is an example sentence for mobility?

These exercises will eventually improve your mobility.

A sentence with the word suppose?

I suppose I shall have to answer this question, eventually.

What is a good sentence for mercantilism?

mercantilism was eventually replaced by capitalism

What is the adverb in the sentence Our bus arrived eventually after the traffic jam?

The adverb is eventually, because it modifies the verb arrived.